NYRR Virtual Racing

We are excited to announce the TCS New York City Marathon – Virtual 26.2M Powered by Strava is back. Please scroll down to the carousel of logos below to access the two race pages (2020 Entry and General Entry) to view your four options for entry. Please note that registration for all TCS New York City Marathon – Virtual 26.2M events will open on Wednesday, June 19 at 12:00 p.m. ET.

Want to run with New York Road Runners but can’t make it to one of our races? Join us virtually by completing one of the twelve races in the 2019 Virtual Racing Powered by Strava series.

NYRR Virtual Racing provides runners around the world the access and motivation to challenge themselves to set goals and achieve them, and helps them give back to the running community—no matter where they live.

NYRR Virtual Racing includes:

  • A leaderboard on Strava, with cumulative race results on NYRR’s Race Results platform to verify completion
  • An inspiring running community on Strava and in the NYRR Virtual Racing Facebook group
  • An opportunity to gain guaranteed, non-complimentary entry into the 2020 Popular® Brooklyn Half
  • Proceeds benefit NYRR’s free youth and community programs


Why race with NYRR?

Proceeds support NYRR's mission to help and inspire people through running, and benefit NYRR’s youth and community programs.

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What is a Virtual Race?

A virtual race is a race that can be run at your convenience during a specified period of time. Create your free Strava account, sign up for a race, and run or walk the distance of the race on a course you select wherever you are.

Visit the How to Complete Your Virtual Race section below to learn more about how to run a virtual race with NYRR and visit our FAQ page if you have any additional questions.

NYRR Virtual Racing Series

NYRR Virtual Resolution Run 5K

January 01, 2019
Virtual Race

NYRR Virtual Valentine's Duo 5K

February 11, 2019
Virtual Race

NYRR NYC Half - Virtual 5K

March 14, 2019
Virtual Race

NYRR NYC Half - Virtual 13.1M

March 14, 2019
Virtual Race

NYRR Virtual Dog Jog 5K

May 01, 2019
Virtual Race

NYRR Virtual Global Running Day 1M

June 01, 2019
Virtual Race

NYRR Virtual Pride Run 5K

June 22, 2019
Virtual Race

TCS New York City Marathon - Virtual 26.2M 2020 Entry

October 31, 2019
Virtual Race

TCS New York City Marathon - Virtual 26.2M

October 31, 2019
Virtual Race

NYRR Virtual 6 Program

Runners may choose to purchase a race for credit toward the NYRR Virtual 6 program. NYRR Virtual 6 program participants that register for and complete six (6) NYRR virtual races at the NYRR Virtual 6 program rate between January 1, 2019 and December 31, 2019 will be eligible to receive one (1) non-complimentary entry to the 2020 Popular Brooklyn Half and one (1) Popular Brooklyn Half Virtual Training program to help them prepare for the race. Limit one (1) Popular Brooklyn Half entry and one (1) Popular Brooklyn Half Virtual Training program per person. The ability to register for the NYRR Virtual 6 Program is limited and available on a first come, first served basis. The NYRR Virtual 6 program will not be available to additional registrants once NYRR Virtual 6 registrant spaces have been exhausted. NYRR Virtual 6 program participants must be at least 18 years of age.

The 2019 NYRR Virtual Racing series will include a total of 12 virtual races. Races will be announced throughout the year. All races in the NYRR Virtual 6 Program will follow the same price structure.

The Popular Brooklyn Half, the largest half-marathon in the country, is an iconic 13.1-mile journey through the amazing borough of Brooklyn. The race starts near the Brooklyn Museum and ends at a finish line on the Coney Island boardwalk. Check back at a later date for more details on what to expect for the 2020 race.

*Please note: Completing an NYRR virtual race does not count as credit toward our 4 Out of 6 program or the 9+1 program.

How to Complete Your Virtual Race

How to Complete Your Virtual Race info graphic

What is Strava?

Strava is the social network for athletes. Strava's website and mobile apps bring athletes together from all walks of life and inspire them to unlock their potential—both as individuals and as communities. Creating an account with Strava allows you to record and upload your runs, rides, and other activities, connect your GPS devices, and create a home for your active life.

Share Your Experience

Share your accomplishments using the hashtag #NYRRVirtualRacing in your tweets, Instagrams, and Facebook posts. Join the NYRR Virtual Racing Facebook group to connect with runners from all over the world who are participating in NYRR Virtual Racing.

Please read the below terms & conditions

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