General Information

What is the goal of Rising New York Road Runners?

Rising New York Road Runners was developed to get more kids active and to give them the tools and self-confidence to be active for life.

What is the cost of Rising New York Road Runners?

There is no cost. Everything about Rising New York Road Runners is completely free.

What is the history of New York Road Runners’ commitment to youth?

We started at one school in Red Hook, Brooklyn 20 years ago with a commitment to get those students active at no cost to the school. We have continued to grow our operations, sophisticate our efforts, and increase our reachall while maintaining the no-cost model.

How many youth does New York Road Runners serve annually?

In the 2017-18 school year, we served nearly 250,000 youth across the country at more than 1,300 sites (more than 550 in NYC and more than 750 outside of NYC).

Are sites in the NYC area still invited to NYRR events?

Yes. NYC-area sites that meet eligibility criteria are still invited to events.


Who should enroll in Rising New York Road Runners?

An adult lead at a school, community center, or after-school program should enroll in the program. This person does not need to be a physical education teacher; they can be any adult who is willing to implement and manage the program.

Who is Rising New York Road Runners best suited for?

The program is for youth ages pre-K through 12th grade of all abilities and skill levels.

How is Rising New York Road Runners managed at the school or community center?

The program is managed by a dedicated adult with support from a New York Road Runners program coordinator.

How/when do I apply?

Applications are open on a rolling basis.

Apply now:

Program Structure

I already have a track program. What is the advantage to adding Rising New York Road Runners?

Adding Rising New York Road Runners to an existing program can help with warm-ups, cool-downs, and working fundamental movement skills into your practice sessions that your kids can apply to running or any other sport.

As a teacher or school administrator, what are the ways I can implement Rising New York Road Runners?

The goal of Rising New York Road Runners is to get as many kids moving as possible. You can incorporate Rising New York Road Runners in whatever ways are best suited to your school and your kids. Some sites incorporate it as part of PE class, some use it to add structure to free recess periods, some use it for quick, active classroom breaks, and some use it as an after-school program.

What support does New York Road Runners provide?

You will be assigned a dedicated program coordinator who is your go-to for anything you may need. Additionally, we will provide you with a host of digital tools to make implementation easy and fun.


How do I determine the most appropriate event for my child?

Our youth events are organized by level, or stage. Refer to the stages chart on each youth event page to determine the appropriate stage for your child. Please note that not all stages are offered at all events.

Why are the youth events organized by stage?

Our youth events are organized by stage based on the level of physical activity, competitiveness, and the age of an individual participant. This means youth participate in the events most appropriate for their skill level, which provides the best experience, so they want to continue to be active.

Is my child locked into the stage they register for at their first event?

No, you have flexibility to register for a different stage at a subsequent event. You can also choose to switch stages on event day, but your child may only participate in one stage at any given event.

What will my child do at the youth event?

Most youth events include a mix of running and fun fitness activities. Check individual event pages close to the event date for a list of the activities.


What if my child just wants to run?

Our youth events include fitness activities to give kids exposure to physical activity and athletic development outside of running. We encourage kids to participate in all the activities, but if they want to just run, that’s fine. Please note, though, that some activities occur in the start corrals.

What's the cost of the youth events?

All of our youth events are free.

More Information

I live outside the United States can I apply for Rising New York Road Runners

Currently, only sites and schools based in the U.S. and Puerto Rico can apply for Rising New York Road Runners. We continue to evolve the program and are exploring different virtual enhancements to make it accessible internationally. In the meantime, we offer online resources in English, including videos, a series of lesson plans, and training plans.

Can NYRR help me put on a youth running event?

Our online resources include guides to put on a variety of youth events including a cross country run, a fun run, and track and field meet.

My school is on a US military base outside of the US Can I apply for Rising New York Road Runners

Yes, if the school has an APO address, you are eligible to apply for Rising New York Road Runners.

I'm a parent and would like to start running with my child How can I get involved?

There are a few different ways:
  • Free Rising New York Road Runners races take place in New York City throughout the year. Find the next available race.
  • NYRR Open Run offers free weekly walks/runs in local neighborhood parks. Find the park closest to you.
  • Free family running classes are available monthly at the NYRR RUNCENTER, located in mid-town Manhattan. Check the schedule and register to join us for the next one.
  • Visit the USA Track & Field website for a list of local track clubs across the country. A “Y” in the Ages column indicates that the club welcomes youth participants.

Who do I contact if I have other questions?

Please contact us at with any other questions.

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