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NYRR Pace Team

Meet the runners who can guide you to your next personal best. Get to know members of the NYRR Pace Team Powered by Tag Heuer, and learn more about the NYRR Pace Team program.

Elaine Acosta

Proudest running moment: 
Crossing the finish line at Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc, a 103-mile mountain ultramarathon in the Alps through France, Italy, and Switzerland.

Jo Blackmore

Favorite races to pace: The United Airlines NYC Half and the TCS New York City Marathon

Favorite post-long run meal: Pancakes!

Lisa Cao

Best piece of running advice: Enjoy the experience and soak it in, especially if it's your first big race experience. If you take the time to be in the moment and not just focus on the clock, you will enjoy your journey more and want to keep running for life!

Denis Chabot

Favorite race to pace: The TCS
New York City Marathon

Best piece of running advice: Start slow and enjoy it

Jacqueline Choi

Favorite race to run: 100-mile races—there's something magical about the distance. I manage to go through major self-discovery each and every time I complete one of these races.

Dominic Davis

Proudest running moment: Running my first marathon

Favorite post-long run meal: Turkey burger and sweet potato fries

Philippe Day

Biggest running motivator: I'm out here running, while someone else
is on a couch. I might not be fast, but I'm lapping everyone on the couch.

Sarah Gariepy

Biggest running motivator: My brother was very ill for a few years. When my legs hurt, when I am tired, and when I want to quit, I think of him and I tell myself that I am very lucky to be in good health. He made me realize that it is a real privilege to be able to run a marathon, no matter the finish time.

Daniel Guralnick

Proudest running moment:
Finishing my first marathon

Best piece of running advice: Go slow! It's better to pass people later in the race than to be passed.

​Heather Handzo

Best piece of running advice: Don't compare yourself to others. Whether you are running a five-minute mile or a 13-minute mile, it's still a mile and that's something to be proud of!

Yoshiko Jo

Favorite race to run: The TCS New York City Marathon (more than 15 times as an Achilles guide) and Boston Marathon (2017 will be the 13th in a row)

Favorite race to pace: Staten Island Half (I love the start and the finish)

Julia Khvasechko

Biggest running motivator: My good health today is a miraculous gift and running is the greatest gift that cancer brought into my life.

Louisa Lam

Biggest running motivator: To be a role model for my kids and show them the importance of staying active and enjoying the outdoors

Best piece of running advice: Listen
to your body, have fun on your
easy and your hard runs, stay on pace, and be patient.

Otto Lam

Proudest running moment: Seeing runners in my pace group crossing the finish line ahead of me!

Favorite post-long run meal: A bowl of ramen noodles with an egg and
a slice of ham.

Yvonne Li

Favorite post-long run meal: Baked sweet potato with freshly ground almond butter

Biggest running motivator: Running makes me forget about my age!

David Lin

Proudest running moment:
Completing the “Rim to Rim to Rim” last year—by running across the Grand Canyon and back. It was 48 miles and took over 17 hours, but it was an experience I’ll never forget.

Myles Lock

Favorite race to pace: Staten Island Half (which was also my first full-on pacer experience)

Best piece of running advice: Don't be concerned with doing too much, too fast, too quickly. It all takes time to build up to the goal that you want to achieve.

Aaron Mendelsohn

Best piece of running advice: Enjoy the running journey, and don't put too much pressure on yourself

Favorite post-long run meal: Steak and a martini

Dave Mendelsohn

Biggest running motivator: All that ice cream I love isn't going to eat itself!

Best piece of running advice: It
gets easier and easier the more you do it, but if you're suffering, realize everyone else around you is too. We can all push through the suffer together!

Keila Merino

Proudest running moment: Running the NYC Marathon and having an entire 3rd grade class cheering in the Bronx. I felt like I had won the race!

Best piece of running advice: Be in the moment. Look around and appreciate your surroundings.

Greg Milbourne

Proudest running moment: Helping first-timers finish on time!

Favorite post-long run meal: Pad Thai

Josh Novack

Best piece of running advice: NEGATIVE SPLIT! Also,
each day, do the best that you can, build on your past successes, and take a brief moment to reflect on your daily progression.

Devang Patel

Biggest running motivator: When you're not training, someone else is.

Proudest running moment: Getting to the finish line pacing the marathon and seeing runners BQ and PR.

Josh Pesin

Proudest running moment: Failing
at keeping to my 2014 NYC Marathon 4:30 pace (I ran it in
4:40), but still being able to help a
German runner beat her running goal of 4:30 by 30 seconds.

Best piece of running advice: Don't compare yourself to others; compare yourself to your former self.

Stephanie Ruzicka

Proudest running moment: Pacing a man who just returned to running two years after having a triple bypass.

Favorite post-long run meal: Grilled salmon with rice and lentils, roasted vegetables, and spinach salad.

JC Santa Teresa

Proudest running moment: Completing 21 50Ks in 21 consecutive days.

Favorite race to pace: Airbnb Brooklyn Half

Pauline Seto

Best running advice: Slow and steady will get you from the start to finish. Enjoy the moment!!

Rachel Spurrier

Biggest running motivator: Now that I am a mom, I run for myself ("me time"), and also for my son. I love thinking about the fact that someday my son will (hopefully!) be proud of me for accomplishing modest goals as a runner (and coach).

Emmy Stocker

Proudest running moment:
Finishing my first 100-miler—Umstead in 2007

Best piece of running advice: Whatever gets you out the door, whatever works for you to keep up your running—do it!

Vincent Vaccaro

Favorite race to run: The TCS New York City Marathon

Favorite post-long run meal: paradise


Thomas Wong

Proudest running moment: Crossing the New York City Marathon finish line for the first time in 2008

Best piece of running advice: Consistency.

Justin Wood

Best running advice: Stay humble and use running as a way to meet new people and explore the world. Each step is a blessing.


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