Hip Flexor Stretch

A static stretch for the hip flexors

Tags: high school, stretches & strength, static stretches



  1. Start by kneeling on a soft surface.
  2. Bring one leg in front and place the foot flat on the ground so the knee, positioned over the ankle, is bent at about a 90 degree angle. The back knee should remain on the cushioned surface and should be bent at a 90 degree angle as well.
  3. Slide the front foot forward a few inches.
  4. Shift the hips forward so that they are slightly in front of the back knee and the front knee is again over the front ankle. The angle of the back knee should now be slightly greater than 90 degrees. It is a subtle adjustment that will result in a stretch in the hip of the back leg.

Modified/Standing Hip Flexor Stretch:

  1. For a version of the stretch that's easier on the knees, try starting from a standing position.
  2. Take a big step backwards with one leg.
  3. Bend the front knee until it's over the front foot while simultaneously shifting the hips forward.
  4. Keep the back leg straight throughout.

Performance Points:

  • Keep the hips level.
  • Don't step out to the side.
  • Keep the toes and knees facing forward.
  • Keep the knee of the front leg behind the toes to avoid putting too much pressure on the patellar tendon, which is just below the knee.
  • Tighten the abs to keep the torso stable. A slight lean forward is okay, but the back should stay straight and the head up.
  • Don't overstretch.

Training Specifics:

Duration / Reps: Hold for 30 seconds on each leg

When: During the post-workout, cool-down routine

You Need: A mat, towel, or other soft surface to cushion the knees


  • Maintains flexibility of the hip flexors

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