A Quarter Mile With Millrose

Millrose Running club member Mary Spera

Ahead of the NYRR Retro 4-Miler, it was only natural for one of NYRR’s longest-serving clubs to be featured in this edition of A Quarter-Mile With.

Mary Spera

Club: Millrose

Fartlek or tempo? Tempo.

Favorite NYRR race? Percy Sutton Harlem 5K.

Favorite race distance? 8K.

Favorite distance to run? Five miles.

Running hero? Joan Benoit.

Post-race meal? Two eggs, over easy with toast and two strips of bacon.

Cold-weather or warm-weather running? Cold.

Treadmills: yay or nay? Nay.

Most exotic place you’ve run? Venice, Italy.

Race-day inspiration quote? The only disability in life is a bad attitude.

Toughest race course, in your opinion? Van Cortlandt Park trails. 

Song that makes you want to go faster? Theme song from Rocky, “Flying High Now.”

You can run alongside any three people in the world: Who are they? Joan Benoit, Mary Decker, and Steve Prefontaine.

Best non-running account you follow on Instagram? The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Your club, in five words or less? Have fun and run.


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