The NYRR Run Clean initiative celebrates the union of competition and individual achievement while working to ensure that runners compete in a healthy and fair environment. Through education, testing, and advocacy, the NYRR Run Clean initiative is committed to fostering a healthy environment for runners to compete on a level playing field.

NYRR is a leader in the global clean sport movement. Since 2002, NYRR has partnered with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) to test the professional athlete fields at NYRR events. Today, through continued testing for performance-enhancing drugs, counseling with athletes, and a zero-tolerance policy, NYRR is working toward the day when everyone will run clean.

  • Since 2002, in-competition testing has been conducted on hundreds of athletes and wheelchair athletes at more than 65 NYRR events, including the past 13 New York City Marathons. Out-of-competition testing is also frequently carried out by USADA at NYRR events.
  • Since 2012, NYRR has partnered with the IAAF and USADA on a robust out-of-competition (pre-race) testing program at the TCS New York City Marathon, gathering data for the biological passport program. Through this partnership, hundreds of samples have been collected.
  • Athletes who have been suspended by a governing body for using performance-enhancing drugs are not eligible to participate in NYRR races. Appeals are reviewed by the NYRR Race Director.
  • Through the Abbott World Marathon Majors elite athlete testing pool, NYRR helps to fund and manage an unprecedented large-scale out-of-competition testing program of the top marathon runners from around the world. Additionally, the Abbott World Marathon Majors broke ground with a championship payment program that pays prize money out over five years to de-incentivize cheating.
  • Recognizing that those most responsible for a clean sport are the athletes themselves, NYRR has partnered with USADA to present a mandatory series of clean sport educational sessions for athletes who compete at NYRR events.
  • In 2017, NYRR broke ground again. In partnership with USADA, and in addition to the existing professional event testing program, NYRR began testing top finishers at randomly selected non-professional NYRR events. 

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World Anti-Doping Agency Prohibited List

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World Anti-Doping Code

The USADA Protocol

Prohibited Substances and Methods and TUE applications

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