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Controlled Fartlek

A pacing exercise that teaches runners how much energy they need to sustain different paces and trains the body to control and respond to changes in speed.

Form 101: Introduction

Form 101 is a five segment series that explains the fundamentals of good running form. This segment covers the importance of teaching good form and four guidelines for approaching form training.

Obstacle Medley

A relay game that develops physical fitness, general athletic skills and form skills.

Foot Fire

A form exercise that promotes running on the balls of the feet and quick turnover.

Lesson Plans

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Animal Run

By pretending to be different members of the animal kingdom, kids see how it feels to run at different paces

High Knees

Students strengthen muscles that help them lift their knees, leading to a naturally longer stride

Out and Back

Students deepen their understanding of pacing by attempting to run a given distance back and forth at the same pace

Beanbag Relay

As they sprint, stoop, drop and retrieve, students develop new athletic and teamwork skills

Event Guides

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Cross Country Race

Cross country races are a season favorite and the perfect way to introduce distance running

Field Day

A classic way to celebrate the end of the school year.

Fun Run and Walk

A Fun Run is a casual event that elevates the enjoyment and camaraderie of running above competition.

Training Plans

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