Supporting Kids and Communities

Running gives children confidence in what they can do and shows them who they can be. The Youth and Community Services arm of NYRR brings free running programs and wellness events to schools and neighborhoods, fostering physical fitness, character development, and personal achievement in children on up to seniors. Our youth programs already serve more than 200,000 children in hundreds of underserved schools and community centers across the country and beyond, and that number continues to grow as more friends and supporters embrace our mission.

We empower children of all athletic abilities to get moving through our in-demand school and team-based programs like Mighty Milers and Young Runners, our widely-attended NYRR road races and Youth Jamborees, educational resources like NYRR’s award-winning video series for coaching young runners, and through NYRR’s constant participation in countless community health and wellness events.

Parents credit our programs with helping their children become more confident and capable. Coaches praise us for promoting teamwork and healthy competition, and educators love the way fitness helps their students perform better in school. Communities value our commitment to fighting childhood obesity and promoting lifelong health. And the children? They love the way running makes them feel and welcome the chance to be a part of something fun.

Highlights of the 2012-2013 School Year:

  • We served more than 200,000 children locally, nationally, and internationally, a 54% increase over last year.
  • We established running programs in 849 schools and community centers, a 17% increase over last year.
  • Mighty Milers in the U.S.A. ran 4.5 million miles, a 10% increase over last year.
  • Mighty Milers in the U.S.A. earned 122,017 “marathon of miles” medals.
  • NYRR released the first curriculum created to teach running in P.E. class.
  • More than 10,000 public school students participated in NYRR’s Developmental Track & Field Series, a partnership with the New York City Department of Education.
  • NYRR staged 60 free youth events for more than 27,000 participants.
  • Olympic gold-medalist Derrick Adkins inspired some 60,000 students at 300+ school assemblies in presenting his "Olympic Mentality" approach to academics, sports, and life.
  • We supported 419 community-based fitness events reaching more than 71,000 participants.

Youth and Schools