Stage 1 and some activities have been canceled for Sunday’s Rising New York Road Runners at the Fred Lebow Cross Country Championships. Read more.

Track and Field Training Program

Introduce kids to track and field and prepared for meets.

The Track and Field training guide offers coaches and teachers a turnkey plan for teaching elementary and middle school-aged kids about the sport and getting them ready for meets. Although created to support the events within NYRR's Developmental Track and Field Series, this guide can be helpful for many coaches teaching the basics of the sport.

Event-Based Sessions

Use these lessons to teach the basic athletic skills for each event. This will give your young runners the foundation for learning good running form and becoming skilled athletes in general.

  1. Introduction to Track and Field - Running Form and Technique
  2. Starts - Standing Start and Crouch Start
  3. Sprints (100m) - Sprint Form and Phases
  4. Sprints (Further Development) - Sprint Training and the Phases of Sprinting
  5. 200m and 400m Races - Running the Curve, Components of 400m Race
  6. 200m and 400m Races (Further Development) - Pacing, Endurance, Race Plan
  7. Distance Races (800m and 1600m) - Distance Form, Waterfall Start, Drive Phase
  8. Distance Races (Further Development) - Running Mechanics
  9. Long Jump - Technique, Approach, Takeoff
  10. Long Jump (Further Development) - Flight Technique and Landing
  11. Shot Put - Grip, Stance, and Approach
  12. Shot Put (Further Development) - The Power Position and Release Technique
  13. Relays - The Relay Start, Baton Exchanges, and Techniques
  14. Relays (Further Development) - Blind Exchanges

Supplementary Topics

Use these exercises, activities, and enhancements to supplement your track and field training.