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Fundamental Athletic Skills

Foundational lessons for learning how to run include warm-up, cool-down, stretching, plus body awareness and agility activities.

These basic athletic skills will give your young runners the foundation for learning good running form and becoming skilled athletes in general. The lessons in this section address athletic skills such as body awareness and agility, as well as warm-up, cool-down, and stretching routines.
These lessons address running "tall," keeping the body stable and facing forward. They encourage students to stay relaxed, and to embody the attributes of great athletes.

Lesson Plans

Warm Up

Fun movements to help young athletes prepare their bodies for running

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Cool Down

Students learn a series of stretches for cooling down after running

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The Animal Tag

Body control is key for kids imitating various amusing animals as they play tag.

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Toe Tag

Students keep their toes from being "tagged" by other kids—while becoming more nimble and quick

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Obstacle Medley

Students run a course with a variety of obstacles—anything but a straight line, even backwards

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Beanbag Relay

As they sprint, stoop, drop and retrieve, students develop new athletic and teamwork skills

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