Calf & Achilles Stretch

A two-part static stretch for the calf muscles and Achilles tendons

Tags: high school, stretches & strength, static stretches



  1. For the calf stretch, brace yourself with arms outstretched at shoulder height against a wall or other support.
  2. Take a large step backward with one leg.
  3. Bend your front knee while keeping your back leg straight and your back heel planted on the ground.
  4. Lean forward slightly while actively pushing your back heel into the ground to feel a good stretch in the calf of your back leg.
  5. To intensify the stretch, step farther back with your trailing leg.
  6. For the Achilles stretch, move your back foot forward a bit and bend your back legs lightly while keeping your heels on the ground.

Performance Points:

  • Keep both feet facing forward.
  • Keep your back heel planted firmly on the ground.
  • Maintain a straight back with the shoulders squared.
  • The knee of the lead leg should never extend in front of the toes.
  • For the Calf Stretch, actively push down through your back heel.
  • The stretch should not be painful; don't bounce or strain your muscles.

Training Specifics:

Duration / Reps: For both stretches, hold for 30 seconds on each side

When: During the post-workout, cool-down routine

You Need: A wall or other support


  • Increases flexibility in the calf muscles and Achilles tendon

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