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Rising New York Road Runners Youth Ambassadors

The Rising New York Road Runners Youth Ambassador program is centered around a six-week speech fundamentals and public-speaking training workshop that helps participants improve their presentation and communication skills by speaking at special New York Road Runners events. In these workshops, participants will learn to how to effectively share their running story, in support of our mission of helping and inspiring people through running. Participants will learn:

  • Speech fundamentals
  • Public-speaking skills
  • Ability to engage an audience

After participation in the six-week speech fundamentals and public speaking workshop, Rising New York Road Runners Youth Ambassadors will have the opportunity to showcase their newly learned skills while:

  • Attending press events with the potential to be interviewed by local news outlets
  • Participating in special events, including the TCS New York City Marathon
  • Meeting professional athletes and key members of the running industry

Program Requirements

In order to be participate in events as a Rising New York Road Runners Youth Ambassador, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Be a current participant in Rising New York Road Runners
  • Enrolled in grades 4 through 10
  • Attend summer training sessions
  • Create a personalized speech on the role running has had in their life

Key Dates

Check back soon for more information on when the Rising New York Road Runners Youth Ambassador application is open.

For more information, contact Sheila Gordon at or call 646.758.9700.