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Q&A: Workouts to Make You a More Efficient Runner

The concensus seems to be that strength training helps runners. With options like weights, core work, plyometrics, Pilates, and yoga, what should I do, and how often?


Running is essentially jumping from one foot to the other over and over. This is a plyometric workout in itself. To help your running become more efficient, start by adding strength training, flexibility and mobility exercises into your routine.

A focus on core work through movements such as planks will improve posture, upper-body strength, and full-body alignment. Using weights and strength-training equipment can also be effective, but always remember to focus on your form. Chose total-body movements that also incorporate the core to make your time as efficient as possible while in the gym. Always warm up with glute strengthening along with a dynamic flexibility routine.

Begin with one strength training session per week. Don't be afraid to ask for help from a professional. Consult a coach for specific workout and routine depending on a goal you have in mind.  Happy strengthening!


Kara Federowicz

Kara Federowicz is a certified athletic trainer a the Tisch Performance Center at Hospital for Special Surgery. Kara has a degree from Pennsylvania State University in kinesiology, the scientific study of human movement.

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