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Q&A: How to Do I Recover After the NYC Half?

The NYC Half was harder than I thought it would be, and I'm really sore. What are some tips for recovering and feeling better than I do now?

Congratulations on your NYC Half finish! Post-race recovery is a process that begins as soon as the race is over and ends up to several weeks later.  Ideally, you cooled down after the race by walking for up to 30 minutes, rehydrated with a fluid that contained electrolytes(such as a sports drink), and you refueled within an hour with roughly 300 calories of simple carbohydrates.

Today and for the next few days, I encourage you to stimulate your blood flow to sore muscles with gentle foam rolling. You may also want to take a short recovery jog today, or a walk if you feel too sore to attempt jogging.

Plan to return to your normal running shcedule gradually, beginning with an every-ther-day routine. If you're already training for another race, it's generally recommended that you wait at least three weeks before running a 5K and four to six weeks for anything longer. Taking the time to replenish and recuperate muscles before slowly transitioning back to regular activity will ensure a smooth recovery and increased ability to run at optimal levels later down the line. Good luck!


Dr. James Wyss

Dr. James Wyss is a physiatrist at Hospital for Special Surgery. Dr. Wyss specializes in the non-operative management and rehabilitation of common musculoskeletal and sports injuries. He has a special interest in spinal rehabilitation, interventional spine procedures, the use of ultrasound in musculoskeletal medicine, and injury prevention programs.

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