UAE Healthy Kidney 10K Streaker Dr. Narcis Aron: "Most Important Is to Give My Best"

Dr. Narcis Aron is one of just five runners who have completed all 14 editions of the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K, and he’ll be going for #15 on Sunday, April 28, in Central Park.

“I didn’t realize I’m so unique,” said Aron, 70, who will be recognized for his achievement on Sunday along with fellow UAE Healthy Kidney 10K streakers Al Shabana and Andrew Marcus.

Kidney health is important to Aron, 70, who has spent his professional career as a nephrologist (kidney specialist). “Kidney disease is mainly asymptomatic, so it’s important for people to be aware of the risk factors,” he said. “If you have diabetes, hypertension, or a family history of kidney problems, have your kidney function and urine tested so you can take steps to prevent problems from progressing.”

Aron didn’t intend to build a streak when he ran the first UAE Healthy Kidney 10K in 2005. “I was aware that Sheikh Zayed, the founding ruler of the UAE, had received a kidney transplant,” he said. “I enjoyed doing a race that helped raise awareness of the life-saving effect of kidney donation and kidney transplant.”

But Aron’s reasons for doing the race have more to do with its place in NYRR’s racing calendar. “The Healthy Kidney race is a couple of weeks after the Boston Marathon, where I also have a streak,” he said—10 consecutive finishes and 12 times altogether.

“I am recovered after Boston by the time of the Healthy Kidney 10K,” said Aron, who has also run every NYC Half since 2006 and a total of 177 NYRR races since 2003.

Residing in Orangeburg, NY, and working in Manhattan, Aron does most of his training alone at odd hours. “Most of my running with others is at the races,” he said. “I love the spirit of camaraderie in the corrals and along the course.”

Aron plans to keep up his UAE Healthy Kidney 10K streak for as long as he can. “Running gives me satisfaction and sense of accomplishment,” he said. “Most important is to give my best and get to the finish line as fast as possible.”


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