A Quarter-Mile With We Are NYC Running Club

We are NYC Running Club member Cesar Trelles

Ahead of tomorrow's NYRR Team Championships, we're featuring one of our running clubs that will be competing in the race. 

Name: Cesar Trelles

Club: We Are NYC Running Club

Fartlek or tempo? Fartlek and even better when it’s done with some teammates.

Favorite NYRR race? United Airlines NYC Half. It was the first NYRR race I did and it’s the genesis of our run club. The new course has furthered the appeal.

Favorite race distance? 10K. It’s the perfect mix of distance and speed. Some dread this distance, but I love it.

Favorite distance to run? Six miles. Only because there is a loop that I like to run near home that is exactly 6 miles. Other than that, every finished run is a good run.

Running hero? Eliud Kipchoge. He may be the fastest marathon runner of all, but I am struck by his kindness and overall positivity toward running. I cling to so many of his quotes because of his positivity and motivation.

Post-race meal? Give me all the pizza.

Cold-weather or warm-weather running?
The latter. I’d rather sweat than freeze. And the less I wear when I run, the less laundry there is to wash.

Treadmills: yay or nay? Nay. I don’t like them, and they don’t like me. We’ve agreed never to cross paths again.

Most exotic place you’ve run? Turks and Caicos. I was admiring the beauty of the island and almost got lost when I left my resort.

Race-day inspiration quote? I have two. “In the first half of your race don’t be an idiot. In the second half, don’t be a wimp.” The second: “I plan on having such a great run, Morgan Freeman should narrate it.”

Toughest race course, in your opinion? NYRR Staten Island Half. That hill at mile nine!

Song that makes you want to go faster? “Fly Away” by Lenny Kravitz. The guitars at the beginning set the tone and the lyrics kind of summarize what running does for me. It’s an escape.

You can run alongside any three people in the world: Who are they?
Alberto Salazar. I remember him winning the New York City Marathon multiple times when I was a kid. Des Linden, because who doesn’t want to talk about running and winning the Boston marathon in the rain? And Donovan Brazier. I couldn’t keep up with him, but I would love to just try and emulate his stride.

Best non-running account you follow on Instagram? @mets and @lagunitasbeer.

Your club, in five words or less? Family, inclusive, spirited, determined and everywhere.

Author: Gary McLaughlin

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