7 Things We Saw at the NYRR Manhattan 7 Mile

Opportunities to set a new PR don't come around every day, but the runners of the second annual NYRR Manhattan 7 Mile were getting to do just that by racing at this unusual distance. It was hot, it was humid, and the sun was beating down, but that did not stop the enthusiasm and excitement of the day. 

In honor of the 7 miles today's runners raced, here are 7 things we saw at the NYRR Manhattan 7 Mile. 

1. The Ringing of the 9+1 Bell

The NYRR 9+1 Program offers runners an opportunity to earn their way into the TCS New York City Marathon through completing nine qualifying races with NYRR and one qualifying volunteer opportunity during a calendar year. Brooke Tanner from Oceanside, NY, achieved the last piece to completing the program through volunteering at today's race. Brooke was excited to discover that her 9+1 journey ended up giving her more than just an entry to marathon.

NYRR Volunteer Brooke Tanner

"My favorite thing about the 9+1 experience was the community that I discovered, and the satisfaction of working towards a goal," she said, "I have done the marathon before via [the drawing], but this definitely felt like I really earned it." Make sure you give Brooke a cheer when she is out on the course on November 1, 2020!

2. Who You Gonna Call?

Ghostbusters! In honor of the famed movie series turning 35 this year, the race was led by Ecto-1 and runners had the opportunity to take pictures with the iconic car and a team of ghostbusters at the post-race festival. Seeing as the race and the movie both call Manhattan home, it was a match made in ghostbusting heaven!  

A runner with a team of ghostbusters in front of the Ghostbusters Eco-1 car

The NYRR Manhattan 7 is the Manhattan leg of the 4 Out of 6 program, which allows runners the chance to earn their way into the United Airlines NYC Half and also takes them on racing tour of the city!

3. Team for Kids Runners Making Moves

NYRR Team For Kids is the charity that raises money for NYRR's youth programs and the NYRR Manhattan 7 Mile is one of the races in which runners can gain entry through fundraising for TFK. These charity runners could be seen all over the course in their bright yellow singlets, making them easy to spot in the crowd. For Adam Thomas of Brooklyn, one of these Team for Kids runners, today is the next step in his journey toward something very special.

Adam Thomas, a Team For Kids Runner

"I have been training with TFK for a few months now, getting ready for the TCS New York City Marathon. I felt good, and even though that hill near the end almost got me, I finished faster than I have been running before, so I am happy. I am a father of two, so for me this entire thing means more than just running, and as of last week I am only a hundred dollars away from meeting my fundraising goal!" he said proudly. We will see you in November, Adam! 

4. A Festival of Fun

After the race was over, runners had the chance to stick around and have some fun! First stop was the race photo wall, followed by ice pops and corn toss! For those who wanted to stretch out those sore muscles, yoga classes were being led at the Naumburg Bandshell. 

Yoga class after the Manhattan 7 Mile 

5. NYRR Volunteers

Even if you aren't looking to participate in the 9+1 program, volunteering with NYRR is a fantastic way to spend a morning and give back to the community. If you have ever run one of our races, you know just how important volunteers are to making sure racers get to the start, across the finish line, and more. What better way to say thank you to the people who helped you out on your big day than by helping someone else out on theirs?

Two NYRR Medical volunteers

Medical volunteers have especially important roles, particularly on hot days, in making sure runners stay fit and healthy throughout the race. Check out NYRR's open volunteer opportunities here. 

6. Club Runners

Last week may have been the NYRR Team Championships, but that does not mean that New York's club runners are slowing down for the year! Ravan Idzakovich from the Dashing Whippets Running Team was all smiles after her race.

Ravan Idzakovich

"It was a great run today, the course was really good, the weather was really good, and the crowds cheering us on were excellent! And of course the volunteers were amazing." she said. 

7. Runners Giving It Their All

From the first finisher to the last, today's runners showed up and competed. Sweaty and exhausted, but happy, thousands streamed across the finish line in Central Park to the cheers of their friends, families, and complete strangers. It is a common sight at NYRR races, but it is one we should never take for granted. Every runner who stepped across that finish line today accomplished something great, whether it was their very first race or their hundredth. 

A Team for Kids Runner crossing the Manhattan 7 Mile finish line

Author: Katie Manzi

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