10 Ways to Get Your Miles in on Global Running Day

Global Running Day is less than a month away, and you can make the pledge to run on June 5. But since the day is a special celebration of running, why not make your miles extra special by doing something different? We've got some ideas to help you make this Global Running Day a memorable one.

Run a Virtual Race

Global Running Day is a celebration of simply getting out and going running, but you can add to your experience by taking part in the NYRR Virtual Global Running Day 1M, a one-mile virtual race that you can run anywhere and anytime on the day itself. Lace up your racing flats for a fast mile, or just count your fastest mile from the day’s run as your race result. And if you want to take Global Running Day as an easy day, you can run the race anytime between June 1 and June 9.

Three runners in Central Park

Join a Group Run with NYRR

If you’re looking for people to celebrate the day with, stop by the NYRR RUNCENTER featuring the New Balance Run Hub. We’ll have group runs meeting throughout the morning, afternoon, and into the evening, capping off the day with Happy Hour runs presented by New Balance. Visit nyrr.org/runcenter for more information.

NYRR Open Run will also be offering free timed runs in all five boroughs, starting at 7:00 p.m. at the following locations:

  • Crocheron Park, Queens
  • Morningside Park, Manhattan
  • Shore Road Park, Brooklyn
  • Silver Lake Park, Staten Island
  • Soundview Park, Bronx

Not in New York City? Visit the Global Running Day site to find an event near you!

Explore a new neighborhood, or park, or path, or...

Is there a road in your town, or a park in the next town over, that you’ve been meaning to check out? Use the occasion to break from your routine and run somewhere new–you never know what you might discover. If you’re in NYC and looking to learn more about different neighborhoods, try out one of our NYRR Running Routes.

A silhouetted runner in Van Cortlandt Park

Create GPS art

If you’re looking for another way to make your run interesting, try drawing something on a map using your GPS device. Write out a word, trace out a shape, or, if you’re feeling ambitious, make something a little more complex.

Replace your commute with a run

If you live within running distance of your office, try switching up your commute by running to or from work (depending on how your co-workers will receive you post-run). Or if your office is just out of range, try stepping out for a lunchtime run in the middle of the day.

Hit the treadmill

We know, this one doesn’t seem too exciting, but Global Running Day is a worldwide event, and we can’t guarantee runnable weather in every single part of the world on June 5. So if it happens to be a rainy, or snowy, or just too hot day where you live, feel no shame in logging your miles on the mill. (Just be aware that those miles will not count toward the NYRR Global Running Day Virtual 1M.)

A runner in the Global Running Day Treadmill Challenge at the NYRR RUNCENTER

Try a running class

Don’t want to take on the treadmill by yourself? Check out NYRR’s partner classes with Mile High Run Club, where an instructor will lead you as part of a group workout. You can also go completely off-road and try our Deep Water Running classes for some low-impact aerobic benefits.

Chase your best time on a Strava segment

As you may or may not be aware, routes on Strava feature segments—shorter portions of a run where people aim to set the fastest time over that stretch of roadway. We’re not saying you have to aim for a “CR” (course record), but if it’s a route you run regularly, maybe pick up the pace for that half-mile or so and see if you can set your own best time.

Invite a friend or a co-worker

Running is something you can do on your own, but if you’re looking for company, why not invite a friend, or someone from work, to join you out on the roads? You might just find yourself a new training partner, or get to know your colleagues in a new way.

Run to plog

If you want to do more than just run today, you can help clean up your community by plogging, the term used for picking up litter on the go. Pitch in and help the globe become a little greener by tidying up your trail. In a small way, you’ll be making things better for runners all around the world!

Two runners plogging in Central Park

So get your route ready and pledge to run that distance on June 5 as you join the worldwide celebration of Global Running Day!

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