Calculated Pace and Corral Updates

In order to provide a better runner experience at NYRR events, we have implemented a new method to calculate individual runner paces for corral assignments.

In the past, we made corral assignments based on a runner’s best pace at any NYRR race longer than three miles. Going forward, we will calculate a best pace using standardized factors that normalize a time run at a distance of 5K or greater to an equivalent 10K time. This will allow each runner’s true best performance to be used for corral placement.

Please note: Your pace will be based on your single best pace (converted to a 10K; see chart below), not an average of your race paces over the 12-month period.

The factors are based on those developed by mathematician Peter Riegel, a founding member of the Association of Road Racing Statisticians. His article, "Athletics Records and Human Endurance," published in American Scientist, May-June 1981, is considered the standard on time predictions for races.

The factors in the chart below will be utilized to normalize times run at various distances to equivalent 10K times to establish a calculated best pace. Each runner’s calculated best pace will come from NYRR events completed in the past 12 months. For runners who haven’t finished a race in the past 12 months, we’ll use the most recent pace in the past two years. Runners who haven’t finished a race in that time period will input their expected pace. You can check your converted time using this online calculator (attributed to Ryan Hill/

Distance Factor
5K x 2.09
4 Miles x 1.60
8K x 1.27
5 Miles x 1.26
10K x 1.00
12K x 0.82
15K x 0.65
10 Miles x 0.60
20K x 0.48
Half-Marathon x 0.45
25K x 0.38
30K x 0.31
20 Miles x 0.29
Marathon x 0.22

Additional calculator and explanation:

Explaining the Performance Predictors

The calculations found on this linked webpage are provided by the site owner for informational purposes only and may not mirror NYRR’s own pace calculations.

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