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TCS New York City Marathon Tune-Up (18M)

The race is underway. Live unofficial results are available at and in the NYRR app. Stay tuned for official results, photos, and coverage, coming soom

This popular event is held just seven weeks before 50,000-plus runners are scheduled to line up at the TCS New York City Marathon start in Fort Wadsworth! The Tune-Up in Central Park provides 18 miles of motivation and camaraderie to carry you through the challenging preparation phase.

Please note that you must complete the full 18-mile distance and cross the finish line wearing your race number in order to receive credit for your run and appear in the results.

Event hashtag: #MarathonTuneUp—use it in your public tweets, Instagrams, and Facebook posts!

Live Results

Live unofficial results are available during the race at and in the NYRR app. Features include leaderboards, map tracking, and an individual runner search that can be shared on Facebook and Twitter. Tell your friends and family to follow your progress, and get unofficial results right after the race!

NYRR Pace Team

Members of the NYRR Pace Team will guide participants toward specific goal times over the 18 miles. There will be signs in the corals starting at 7:03 per mile, or 3:05 marathon pace.

If you choose to run with a pace group, members of the NYRR Pace Team—you’ll recognize their blue and white striped tanks—will carry signs that correspond with specific marathon paces and finish times. NYRR Pace Team members will run at the following paces:

Finish Time
per Mile
3:00 6:51
3:05 7:03
3:10 7:14
3:15 7:26
3:20 7:37
3:25 7:49
3:30 8:00
3:35 8:12
3:40 8:23
3:45 8:34
3:50 8:46
3:55 8:57
4:00 9:09
4:05 9:20
4:10 9:32
4:15 9:43
4:20 9:54
4:25 10:06
4:30 10:17
4:35 10:29
4:40 10:40
4:45 10:52
4:50 11:03
4:55 11:15
5:00 11:26
5:15 12:00
5:30 12:35

The NYRR Coaching Staff will also be on hand to answer all your training questions about pacing, nutrition, and final Tune-Up preparation. Visit them at Race-Day Central.

Course Info

The course is three six-mile loops on the park's undulating roadways, with mile markers, fluid stations, and plenty of company.

Miles 1, 7, 13: Start on East Drive near 102nd Street and head north around the northern end of the park and the challenging Harlem Hills.

Miles 2, 8, 14: Continue south on West Drive through a series of rolling hills, with the Reservoir on your left.

Miles 3, 9, 15: Continue through a downhill and flat mile with a slight uphill as you approach the TCS New York City Marathon finish line (but from the opposite direction to the one that the marathoners approach it from)

Miles 4, 10, 16: Continue south (and downhill) and around the southern end of park; continue onto East Drive.

Miles 5, 11, 17: Pass the 72nd Street Transverse and the Central Park Boathouse, and then ascend Cat Hill (74th Street to 78th Street) and continue to the Fred Lebow statue at Engineers' Gate (90th Street). 

Miles 6, 12, 18: Continue along a flat section, followed by a slight downhill, then another flat section as you approach the 102nd Street Transverse. On your third and final loop, turn left onto the Transverse and run to the finish.

The race has a 4.5-hour course time limit.

Entry Fees
*The NYRR Specialty Members category includes NYRR members in the following levels: Junior, Senior, Armed Service, Collegiate, and NYRR Youth Programs Leads and Assistants.

CategoryApril 26–
May 9
May 10–
Sept. 17
NYRR Member$18$23
NYRR Specialty Member*$10$15
NYRR Member Plus$18$23
NYRR Miler/NYRR 5K Member$18$23
NYRR 10K Member$0$0
NYRR Friend (non-members)$33$37
NYRR Friend–Junior$15$20

Awards will be available to the top three men and women overall, as well as in age and gender groups as explained in this article. A list of all award winners will be posted in the results for each race.

Award winners that wish to receive an award plaque should complete our online claim form.

Follow The MTA's Weekender schedule to plan your race-day transportation.

If you bike to the race, please follow our bike parking guidelines.

All race information is subject to change.

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