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NYRR Pace Team Program

NYRR is proud to provide pacers for each of its half- and full marathons through our Pace Team Program. The program is an added benefit for runners, free of cost, to help them reach their time goals. Our Pace Team members are veterans who know the course and New York City. They have the experience to help you finish your race at your goal pace, whether you’re running your first race or trying to set a new personal record.

Below, we answer some frequently asked questions about the program, and you can download this form with more information about the requirements for joining the NYRR Pace Team.

Why should I run with the NYRR Pace Team?

The NYRR Pace Team is set up to help runners reach their time goals in the race.  The pacers have been selected from a pool of applicants and proved themselves to be excellent at this job.  These runners have volunteered to run with you, cheer you on, and inspire you to get to your goal

How will I know which pace group is right for me?

The pace groups are assigned different finish times, to meet the goals of different runners. To determine your own goal time, use your past races, recent long training runs, and current fitness. A good rule of thumb for beginners is to start at the pace of the longest run that you did during your race build-up.  You can then accelerate during the later stages of the race if you find this pace too easy.

Where do I sign up, and how much does it cost?

This is the best part of the NYRR Pace Team: It's FREE for anyone, and you don’t have to sign up! 

How will I find the pacers on race day?

The pacers will be in or near their corrals roughly 15 to 20 minutes before the start of the race. This will give you a chance to talk to them, learn more about the plan, and ask any questions that you might have. They'll be wearing singlets with horizontal blue and white stripes, and they'll be carrying signs that show the pace that their group plans to run.

What different times will the pace groups be aiming for?

The times offered for each race will range from 1:30:00 to 2:30:00 in half-marathons and 3:00:00 to 6:00:00 for the marathon. Times are subject to change and vary from race to race, so check the specific race’s page to meet the pacers and learn what times are being offered.

Will the pacers run an even pace from start to finish?

The pacers will be starting out conservatively, because most inexperienced runners start at much too fast a pace. Over the course of the race, the pacers will run at a consistent effort, rather than a precisely even pace, to allow for variations in the course, such as hills. They will be running very close to even pace, on average, for the entire race.  

Will the pacers be using the run/walk method? What about the water and aid stations?

The pacers are different and will employ different methods, but they’ll all be planning to run, not walk, the whole race. They will take into account the congestion at water stations, both in their planning and when going through the stations on race day.

What is required of NYRR Pace Team members?

The NYRR Pace Team is comprised of experienced runners in the NYC area who offer their time to help other runners achieve their race goals. We look for runners who meet the following requirements:

  • Have finished a minimum of five marathons
  • Have finished a marathon within the last two years in a time at least 30 minutes faster than the time for which they will pace a group
  • Have proven their fitness by running a road race of 10K or longer within the last three months
  • Have pacing experience at other long-distance events
  • Have an active NYRR membership

How do I become a member?

To join the team, you’ll need to email us a brief description of yourself and the information below:

  • First and last name
  • Local club/team name (if applicable)
  • City/State
  • The email address associated with your My NYRR account
  • NYRR Membership number
Please also answer the following questions:
  • How many marathons have you completed?
  • How many times have you completed the TCS New York City Marathon?
  • How many half-marathons have you completed?
  • What is your marathon personal record?
  • What is your half-marathon personal record?
  • What group would you like to pace for the marathon? (example: between 4:00 and 5:15)
  • What group would you like to pace for the half-marathon? (example: between 1:45 and 2:00)
  • Have you ever paced in a race before?
  • Have you ever paced the TCS New York City Marathon before?
Please provide a link to your profile in your application, as well.
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