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10 Ways NYRR is Impacting the Global Running Community in 2017

1. With an expected 27,000 finishers the 2017 Airbnb Brooklyn Half is once again on track to be the largest half marathon in the U.S. and one of the most popular half marathons in the world.

2. NYRR’s Open Run, a community initiative that brings free weekly runs and walks to local neighborhood parks, has drawn more than 10,000 participants since it started in 2015 and serves as a model for free community running around the world.

3. The NYRR Youth Wheelchair Training Program is one of the very few free programs of its kind in the world that inspires kids with a disability to take up the sport of wheelchair racing. In 2017, NYRR also has youth wheelchair heats in key events such as the Times Square Youth Run at the United Airlines NYC Half and the New Balance 5th Avenue Mile.

4. The NYRR Midnight Run in Central Park helped runners visiting from around the world ring in the new year in an active and healthy way, as they wrote their New Year’s resolutions on free #ResolveToRun back bibs.

5. The TCS New York City Marathon has already proved itself as one of the most global marathons this year by receiving a total of 98,247 applications from around the world, an increase of 20% from 2016, when it set a record with 51,388 finishers.

6. In its first year, the NYRR RUNCENTER featuring the New Balance Run Hub has already had fantastic success, hosting 55 programs and drawing more than 58,000 visitors from around the world in its first four months.

7. NYRR is one of the world’s leaders in youth running, serving more than 215,000 students in 2017 through its free youth running programs.

8. To mark Global Running Day, NYRR will be encouraging both kids and adults across all its programs and initiatives to pledge to run on June 7. Together with Global Running Day partners around the world, NYRR in inspiring the next generation of runners.

9. Throughout 2017, NYRR has numerous races that will be sponsored by international companies and organizations, from the TCS New York City Marathon and UAE Healthy Kidney 10K to the Japan Run (4M) and France Run (8K).

10. More than 3,000 runners are running the 2017 Airbnb Brooklyn Half for Team For Kids, the most number of runners ever who have taken part in one race for NYRR’s official charity, raising money for the next generation of runners.

10 Ways NYRR Has Historically Influenced the Global Running Community

1. In 1976, the first five-borough New York City Marathon was the world’s first marathon through the streets of a major city.

2. In 1972, NYRR staged the Crazylegs Mini Marathon, the first all-women’s road race which today is called the NYRR New York Mini 10K.

3. Winners of the New York City Marathon have come from 22 different countries.

4. NYRR helped lead the creation of the World Marathon Majors in 2006, a marathon series showcasing the sport’s top athletes and awarding a champions’ prize.

5. NYRR put on a very successful 2001 New York City Marathon less than two months after the September 11 attacks, which served as a global symbol of triumph over tragedy.

6. NYRR has assisted others in times of sadness, raising $430,000 for the 2010 Run for Haiti and helping lead international Boston Strong donations following the Boston bombings in 2013.

7. NYRR staged the 1984 World Cross Country Championships at the Meadowlands and the 1987 World Race Walking Championships in Central Park.

8. Runners from around the world have raised more than $200 million since the inception of NYRR’s official charity program a decade ago.

9. Kenya’s Ibrahim Hussein and Tegla Loroupe were the first African man and woman to win a major marathon when they won the New York City Marathon in 1987 and 1994, respectively.

10. In the 1980’s, NYRR’s races became some of the first to offer prize money to its top finishers.

10 Ways Running is Healthy for You
By New York Road Runners Coach Roberto Mandje

1. Powerful heart. Your heart is considered a muscular organ, which through exercise, like all muscles, will strengthen. This leads to a myriad of health benefits such as the lowering of bad cholesterol, blood pressure, and a decrease in the likelihood of a stroke.

2. Stronger bones and joints. Despite the stigma, running isn’t bad for your knees, hips, etc. Instead, it can increase the bone density in your knees and hips. Done properly and gradually, running will stress your muscles and joints, thus forcing them to get stronger.

3. Don’t worry, be happy. Running helps reduce and even ward off depression. When you run, your body releases endorphins. Endorphins lead to feeling happier and generally more positive. Running also boosts serotonin in the brain, thus relaxing you and putting you more at ease.

4. Improved metabolism. Running can speed up the time it takes for food to go through your large intestine, which will aid in digestion. A more efficient digestive system can increase your appetite and therefore boost your metabolism.

5. Weight for it … Running burns more calories than walking, cycling, and the elliptical. Coupled with a healthy diet, running can help you trim down as you run more miles and your body adapts to the training, thus becoming more efficient.

6. Brainiac. Running has been found to fight off age-related brain and mental decline. Critical thinking, memory, and problem solving can all be improved through regular exercise.

7. Lung power. Aerobic running will raise your heart rate and keep it at a sustainable threshold where your lungs are tested and worked. Over time, this will lead to an increase in lung capacity (or “getting in shape”) and improved functionality.

8. Live longer. Numerous studies have found that running can add years to your life. A minimum of 20 to 30 minutes of running several times a week is all it takes.

9. Better vision. Running helps fight many of the diseases that can affect our eyes as we age. These include high blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and obesity.

10. Healthier you. Running can lead to a stronger immune system, which in turn helps you ward off many common germs and fight minor illnesses.


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