“Es una sensación maravillosa”: conozca a algunos de nuestros corredores más dedicados de 2010-2019

New York Road Runners puts on races year-round—about 50 each year—and this robust calendar is part of what makes New York City such an amazing place to run.

Some runners enjoy the racing scene so much that they race with us at almost every opportunity, year after year.

With the start of a new decade, and with our annual NYRR Club Night celebration having taken place January 30, we'd like to recognize those runners who completed the most races and the greatest number of miles with us in 2010-2019. The runners listed below are the most dedicated finishers of our in-person races from January 1, 2010 through December 31, 2019.

A huge congratulations and THANK YOU to all these runners for their amazing accomplishments! They offer inspiration to anyone with a #ResolveToRun goal to start racing, or race more frequently, in 2020 and beyond.

Top 15 by Races Top 15 by Miles
Al Shabana 400 Al Shabana 2,970.0
Salvatore Carretta Jr 374 Salvatore Carretta Jr 2,849.9
Rita Ferreira 307 Rita Ferreira 2,318.0
William Best 294 Adam Marsh 2,096.4
Adam Marsh 276 William Best 2,076.0
Nike Mizelle 254 Nike Mizelle 1,945.6
Markian Zdeb 238 Barbara Paer 1,925.2
Edward James 225 Edward James 1,786.7
Barbara Paer 221 Markian Zdeb 1,749.9
Ginette Bedard 220 Kamen Yotov 1,731.5
John Efthimiou 219 Mindi Adler 1,727.6
Michael Capiraso 213 Robert Gatto 1,698.0
Robert Gatto 213 Ruth Liebowitz 1,637.6
Thomas Penta 213 Michael Capiraso 1,617.7
Sam Lafata 210 Debbie Hagar 1,593.2

Why race so often with NYRR? Al Shabana, 48, the top racer in number of races (400) and total miles raced (2,970), has a simple reason: “The New York running family is amazing—why wouldn’t I want to spend an hour or two with them almost every weekend morning?”

He adds: “Running isn't just an activity, it's an enjoyable way of life.”

Al Shabana racing the NYRR Staten Island Half

For Robert Gatto, 43, whose 213 races since 2010 total 1,698 miles, “Running a race is the perfect way to start or end the weekend.”

Runner Robert Gatto

Ruth Liebowitz, 77, who’s raced 1,637 miles with NYRR over the past decade, is drawn to the community of runners that she’s been a part of for nearly 40 years. “It makes big New York City feel like a village,” she says. “When Jim [Heim, NYRR’s SVP of event development & production and the race director of the TCS New York City Marathon] is waiting and smiling at the finish line, it’s a wonderful feeling.”

What’s the secret to staying healthy enough to race nearly every weekend? For Gatto, frequent racing brings consistency to his training, which in turn keeps him healthy and motivated to race—it’s a continuous feedback loop. In addition to all his local racing, he does marathons and ultramarathons around the world. “In 2020, I’m running the Comrades Marathon for the eighth time and the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon,” he says.

Liebowitz finds that racing keeps her invigorated even as her times slow. “I have arthritis so I’m one of the slower runners, much slower than in the past,” she says. “But why stop? I always feel glad crossing the finish line.”

Runner Ruth Liebowitz in the 2019 NYRR al Gordon Brooklyn 4M

Making both lists is NYRR’s president and CEO, Michael Capiraso. “It’s an honor and thrill to be among these amazing runners who race with us week in and week out,” he says. “There’s nowhere I’d rather be during an NYRR race than out on the course, and then greeting other runners at the finish line. I hope to keep racing as often as I can in the 2020s!”

Michael Capiraso in 2018 TCS New York City Marathon

“Running isn't about the number of races or the total miles, it's about the bonds you make with others who share your passion," Shabana says. "Runners come in all shapes and sizes. They run all speeds. I'm not the fastest runner. It doesn't matter—even the slowest runner can gain so much from the racing experience.”

Curious about your own race history? Visit NYRR Race Results to check it out! 

Author: Gordon Bakoulis

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