What men talk about on the run

August 09, 2013 by Gail Kislevitz

Guest Blogger Joe Kolinsky

I was once told that the marathon is a “long, tedious conversation with yourself.” I’ve found that to be true. I’ve been running since 2005, and I joined Team for Kids in 2007.  This is my 3rd year as a mentor, trying to help first time marathoners get to the finish line.  I’ve been to a large number of team practices of all different distances, and based on this experience I can confirm one thing: we men talk about some weird stuff while cranking out the miles.  So I figured I’d list some of the opening lines to running conversations that I’ve either overheard (or begun) over the past couple of years.  As you’ll notice, one size does NOT fit all as it pertains to subject matter discussed during the long run….

  • “So what’s on your playlist?” – This one comes up a few times each year, usually early on in the training season.  Responses to this question usually cover the spectrum, from nods of respect and the occasional high five /fist bump (when runners in the group utter groups like Led Zeppelin, AC/DC or RUSH) to quizzical stares and sarcastic snickers (when runners in the group extoll the musical talents of Barry Gibb or Yanni).

  •  “So how many marathons have you run?” – First time marathoners usually start a conversation with this opening line.  Beginners are looking to find a runner in the group that’s run a marathon already, in the hopes of gaining some insight as to what to expect.  The questions come fast and furious once an experienced marathoner identifies himself in the group, making the miles fly by.

  • “I heard of this product called BodyGlide.  Anyone use it?” – This question usually results in a quick conversation on the importance of this product, and how its creator is a genius on par with the likes of Newton and Hawking. Hey guys, no more bleeding nipples thanks to this product.

  • “How long is a marathon, anyway?” – Yes…someone once asked this during a Saturday practice.  The immediate response, 26.2 miles, resulted in the wonderful follow-up question: “26.2 miles?  And we have to run it all in one day?”

And lastly, my all-time favorite conversation-starter overheard between a group of guys during a long run:

  • “Anyone else have an issue with choosing the right running shoe?  I went to the store yesterday and tried a bunch on.  Found one pair that felt awesome…but they only came in electric yellow.  So I went with this rocking new pair instead.  They feel a little tight and my foot bumps up against the toes of my shoes…but have you ever seen a cooler design?” – ……..aaahhh yes, I love running……

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