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Guidelines for Clubs

The New York area is home to an abundance of running clubs. New York Road Runners serves as an umbrella organization for local clubs through Club Council and encourages competition among clubs at NYRR races.

Finding a Running Club
Each club has its own unique history, purpose, membership profile, and goals. Please contact individual clubs about membership. Though NYRR membership is not required to join a local running club, many clubs encourage it. [NYRR Membership] [Local Running Clubs][Club Point Standings]

Club Council
Club Council exists to enhance communication among New York area running clubs and with NYRR. Club representatives, NYRR Board of Directors members, and NYRR executives meet bi-monthly to discuss NYRR races and other events and administrative matters. For more information about Club Council, contact Ro Crispin at

Declaring a Club Affiliation in NYRR Races
When entering a New York Road Runners scored race, members of local clubs may declare their club affiliation, allowing them to score for their club in that race. (At the TCS New York City Marathon we accept only U.S-based club declarations.) To declare your club affiliation, you must write the club name or club code on your printed race application or indicate it on your online application. This requirement applies even if you indicated your club affiliation on your NYRR membership application. You must report to check-in/registration prior to the start of the race to make any changes to your club declaration. Changes to your club declaration cannot be made after the race has started.

Scoring for a Club in NYRR Races
In NYRR scored races under 25K, all clubs with at least five declared male finishers or five declared female finishers are scored as teams. In NYRR scored races 25K and over, clubs with at least three declared male finishers or three declared female finishers are scored as teams. The top three men’s and women’s clubs are listed in the results of all NYRR scored races, and those clubs receive awards. Club scoring procedures are different for club points races.
A club’s finishing place in a scored race is determined by adding the finishing times of the scoring members. The club with the lowest combined time is first, the club with the second-lowest combined time is second, and so on.

Changing Your Club Affiliation
USATF rules state that any runner who has declared a club affiliation in a USATF-sanctioned race (all NYRR scored races are USATF-sanctioned) and wishes to declare a different club affiliation in a subsequent race must run unattached for 90 days prior to declaring the new affiliation. Declaring a club affiliation prior to this 90-day period risks disqualifying the new club from the race.
If you intend to change your affiliation from one New York area club to another club, please contact us once the 90-day period has passed so we can update your membership record.

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