5. Races And Events

Participating in events gives kids something to look forward to, shows them they are part of something much bigger, and provides them with a chance to put their running to the test. There are numerous races and events offered each season including Youth Jamborees, the Young Runners Championship, Friendlies, Run with Champions, NYRR road races, and other special events. Schedules are emailed to coaches each season. You can also check the Young Runners calendar.

Policies for Races & Events


  • Complete and return individual Race Release Forms and the team Race Registration Form by the race registration deadline for all students wishing to register for that season's races
  • For NYRR road races, registered Young Runners will be provided with a bib number
  • No student will be allowed to run without a bib number or with another student's bib number

Bus Policies

  • Bus requests are fulfilled based on need, location, and previous attendance; they are reserved for sites in good standing with NYRR
  • Complete and submit all Bus Requests, Race Release Forms, and Race Registration Forms by the stated deadline
  • Ensure there is adequate adult supervision on the bus
  • Even if you have a small team, you are still eligible for a bus! NYRR will facilitate bus sharing for teams that do not fill a bus on their own
  • If you are sharing a bus with another team, it is important to request space for the number of students who will be attending the race to avoid overcrowding or losing bus privileges
  • Strive for 100 percent attendance at events and utilize the bus as requested
  • Teams that do not maintain an 80 percent attendance rate will lose bus privileges

Jamboree Bus Policies

For transportation to NYRR Youth Jamborees, submit bus requests and your team's registrations forms at the same time. It’s important to remember that all your forms must be submitted by the bus request deadline, which is earlier than the pre-registration deadline for Jamborees.

Race Day Procedures

Bib Numbers

As soon as you arrive at the race venue, report to the Young Runners tent to sign-in and pick up the bib numbers, safety pins, and B-tags or D-tags (race timing devices) for your team. Only students who wear their personal bib numbers are eligible to race. It is especially important that all Young Runners wear the timing device at 4M races because NYRR will check Young Runners times and distribute time patches for Young Runners who run 4M in 45, 40, 36, or 32 minutes or less for the first time.


When you pick up your race-day packet, you will be asked to sign in at the Young Runners table and note how many kids and adults are in attendance from your site. To help us ensure all kids are accounted for at the end of the race, you must also sign out and note how many kids are with you when you leave. Do not leave the event without signing out with one of our staff.


Pick up a trash bag from the Young Runners tent and place all of your team's baggage inside. Mark the bag with your baggage tag (found on bib number) and place in the baggage holding area; pick up after the race. Alternatively, each of your athletes can be responsible for tagging their own baggage and picking it up at the end of the race. No baggage can be stored at the Young Runners tent.

T-Shirts or Souvenirs

Most, but not all, races have t-shirts or other souvenirs for the participants. The souvenirs set aside for Young Runners are distributed after the race is complete. Once all of your team members are accounted for, your runners will collect their souvenirs by forming a single file line and presenting their race bib at the Young Runners tent. Runners must pick-up their own souvenir. T-shirt sizes are distributed on a first-come first-serve basis. All youth participants will get their t-shirts or souvenirs prior to adult coaches and volunteers.

What to tell Your Young Runners

  • At the start, line up in the corral that corresponds to the color of your bib
  • Run at a pace you can keep for the whole race
  • Stay in the marked lanes at all times
  • Watch out for the runners around you, be polite to them and do not weave in and out on the roadway
  • Always have your bib number fully visible. Your bib has a contact information sticker with a number to call in case you need to reach someone at the Young Runners table
  • After finishing the race, go directly to the meeting location discussed earlier
  • Although you may run at your own pace during the race, be sure to stay with your team and coach(es) before and after the race
  • Be respectful of your environment, your coaches, other runners, and race staff and volunteers

Non-NYRR Events

NYRR supports the enthusiasm of your Young Runners who want to run in multiple events. Please note that if your team plans to attend an event not coordinated through New York Road Runners, your Program Manager must receive the event details at least two weeks in advance.

  • 4. Practice Sessions

    Time to start running! This section has guidelines and tips--from planing the first practice to keeping students motivated at the year's end.

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