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My Yummy Breakfast Song

Students learn about the importance of a varied diet through song and dance

Tags: nutrition activities, elementary school, breakfast

Description Students get moving and singling as they think of healthy breakfast items.
Objective Students will recognize the importance of eating a variety of foods for breakfast.
Materials An empty plastic (100%) juice container, to be used as a drum
  1. Have the students stand in a large circle.
  2. Ask a few students for examples of their favorite, healthy breakfast foods. If a student names a food high in fat or added sugar, gently guide her or him to come up with a healthier choice.
  3. Say, "No matter how healthy a food is, it is important to eat more than just that one food. Even though you might love, love, love it, if you ate it all day long every day it wouldn’t taste so good anymore. That’s our bodies' way of saying that we need different kinds, or a variety, of foods to be healthy. Each food does something very special, and very different, for our bodies."
  4. Have the students form groups of 2-3 by quickly turning to the person next to them (while remaining in the circle formation).
  5. Each group should think of one healthy breakfast food or drink and then share it with the class.
  6. Teach them the following line, inserting the word "applesauce" into the blank: "Where, oh where, is my yummy breakfast (food or drink name)?" If possible, bang your "drum" to the beat.
  7. Have the class join you in singing the line. Make your way clockwise around the circle so each group or pair has a chance to insert their food or drink in the line.
  8. Then, have the class repeat the line with each group’s food or drink as that group jumps or dances all the way around the outside of the circle and back.
  9. Once they have guessed correctly, the students who enjoy these breakfast foods should jump all the way around the outside of the circle and back to their spots.

Activity Note

If a group names a food or drink high in fat or added sugar, gently guide them to think of a healthier choice.

Activity Variation

Invite students to practice different types of jumps that you call out such as jumping high or low, jumping like certain animals, etc. You can also invite them to make noises that sound like their food (crunch, squish, etc.)as they jump.

Background information

Healthy ("Go") Breakfast Foods and Drinks:

  •  chicken sausage
  •  turkey sausage
  •  beans
  •  oatmeal with skim or low-fat milk and honey
  •  whole grain (brown) bread or toast
  •  cream of rice or wheat with water and honey
  •  skim or low-fat yogurt, cheese, and milk
  •  bananas
  •  peaches
  •  spinach omelets
  •  scrambled eggs
  •  berry whole wheat or buckwheat pancakes
  •  100% orange juice
  •  whole-grain cereals like Cheerios and Wheaties

Less Healthy ("Slow") Breakfast Foods and Drinks:

  •  doughnuts
  •  danishes
  •  high-sugar cereals like Lucky Charms and Frosted Flakes
  •  pork sausage or bacon
  •  white bread or toast
  •  high-sugar fruit juices like Kool-Aid and Hawaiian Punch
  •  home fries (fried in oil or with butter)
  •  coffee cake
  •  white flour pancakes with syrup

Related National Standards

NHES: 1.2.1, 7.2.1, 7.2.2
NS: NS.K-4.6
NSPE: 1, 5
NM: NUM.PK-2-1

Further information about the national standards can be found here.

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