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Breakfast Behaviors

A quick exercise that gets students moving as they review their healthy breakfast choices

Tags: nutrition activities, elementary school, breakfast

Description Students exercise and stretch while examining their breakfast habits.
Objective Students will recognize some healthy foods they can eat for breakfast.
  1. As the students enter the room, ask them to form a circle around you. Tell them to make sure they have enough room to stretch their arms out without touching anyone.
  2. Remind them that there are many healthy breakfast foods they can choose from.
  3. Ask them to begin marching in place and to listen carefully to you as they march.
  4. Call out a breakfast behavior and action (see below for a list).
  5. Start with general behaviors such as "Anyone who had fruit for breakfast, jog around the circle," and "Anyone who had milk for breakfast reach up high in the sky." Then you can call out more specific breakfast behaviors, "Anyone who had milk that was low-fat or skim reach up high in the sky." Students who qualify should do the action (see below for more behaviors and actions).
  6. After you have called out all the breakfast behaviors, end the activity.
  7. If time permits, review some of the healthy breakfast foods mentioned and encourage the students to set a personal goal to eat a healthy breakfast every day.
Background information

Breakfast Behaviors:

  •  If you have ever eaten apple slices with peanut butter, do five jumping jacks.
  •  If you have eaten a veggie omelet recently, skip to the center of the circle and back.
  •  If you love wheat toast with whole fruit jam, switch spots with some one across the circle.
  •  If you had oatmeal this week, turn around five times.
  •  If you had skim or low-fat milk this morning, hop around the outside of the circle.
  •  If you have ever had beans for breakfast, jog in place with high knees.
  •  If you like low-fat yogurt, jump up and down five times.
  •  If you slice banana into your cereal, bend down and touch the floor five times.
  •  If you eat breakfast every morning, jog backwards around the outside of the circle.

Related National Standards

NHES: 1.2.1, 7.2.1
NS: NS.K-4.6
NSPE: 1, 2, 5
NM: NUM.PK-2.1

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