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Fast Food

  • Common Fast Foods and "Go" Food Alternatives:
  • French fries (deep fried potatoes)—Have a boiled or baked potato without butter or sour cream and little or no salt
  • Cheeseburgers or "Big Macs" (ground beef with American cheese on a white bun)—Have a turkey or chicken burger with no (or low-fat) cheese on a whole grain bun
  • Soft drinks (made with high amounts of added-sugar)—Have water, seltzer, or 100% fruit juice
  • Ice-cream sundaes, milkshakes, "McFlurries" (made with high amounts of added sugar and whole milk)—Have a yogurt parfait, fruit smoothie, or carton of low-fat or skim milk
  • Salads with ranch dressing (made with whole milk)—Have low-fat dressing such as oil and vinegar or low-fat Italian
  • Chips (made with lots of salt and fried in oil)—Have baked tortilla chips with salsa or pretzels
  • Candy bars (high in added sugar and fat)—Have apple or mango slices or carrot sticks

Youth and Schools

New York Road Runners Mission