Ankle Stretches

Three dynamic stretches for the calf muscles, shin muscles, and ankle tendons

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Ankle Circles:

  1. Standing up straight, lift one foot a few inches off the ground in front of the body.
  2. Draw the largest clockwise circles possible with the toes.
  3. Rotate the foot for 10 circles.
  4. Repeat in a counter-clockwise motion.

Toe Points:

  1. With the leg raised, first point the foot downward, then flex it up toward the shin as far as possible.
  2. Do 10 toe points with each foot.

Toe Writing:

  1. Write your names or the alphabet in the air with each foot.

Performance Points:

  • Move at the ankle joint only; keep the rest of the body still, including the raised leg.
  • For the most effective stretch, move the ankle through a full range of motion.
  • Move the foot slowly and fluidly.

Training Specifics:

Duration / Reps:

  • Ankle Circles: 10 in each direction per foot
  • Toe Points: 10 per foot
  • Toe Writing: Write your full name or the alphabet per foot

When: During the pre-workout, warm-up routine

You Need: A wall or other support for balance if necessary


  • Warms up and stretches the calf muscles, shin muscles, and ankle tendons

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