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Running Rewards

A pacing exercise and fun team competition that trains runners to identify the effort it takes to run at their goal race pace and teaches them how to monitor their speed

Tags: middle school, pacing



  1. First determine each runner's goal race time based on their performance history and your assessment of their potential.
  2. For each runner, calculate even-paced splits for the distances they will cover in the workout.
  3. Start all runners with a set number of points, perhaps 100 points.
  4. Have runners run the split distance with the goal of hitting their target split time.
  5. Subtract one point from runners for every second they are ahead of—or behind— their target split time.
  6. Keep track of everyone's points over multiple repetitions during one or more practices.
  7. The runner with the most points remaining wins.

Performance Points:

  • Goal times should be faster than current personal records.
  • Remind runners they are trying to hit their pace, not beat it.
  • Athletes of all abilities can compete together because winning is about who paces themselves the best, rather than who is fastest.

Training Specifics:


  • As the main workout or a complementary activity
  • Staged during one or more practices


  • Trains runners to identify the effort it takes to run at their goal race pace
  • Helps runners learn to monitor speed and run at their target pace
  • Helps runners develop efficient racing strategies and improve performance so they don't race too conservatively or aggressively

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