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Funky Run

A form exercise that promotes body control and specific aspects of good form

Tags: middle school, form



  1. One at a time or in small groups have your kids begin jogging down a straightaway normally.
  2. When they're about a third of the way down, call out "Funky Run" and have them run with any kind of terrible or exaggerated form they can think of.
  3. When they've covered two-thirds of the straightaway, call out "normal run" and have them switch to their best running as quickly as possible.
  4. Vary the activity by instructing your kids to adopt and then correct specific funky flaws. For example, have them run with "funky long steps" or "funky arms" and then return to good form.

Performance Points:

  • Reinforce specific elements of good versus bad form.
  • Discuss basic elements of good form beforehand, for example reminding runners to run tall with their heads up. See our Form 101 section for the essentials of good form.
  • Emphasize making the transition back to good form. Leave plenty of room for that portion of the run and help those who are having trouble by giving them pointers while they run. Just make sure to stick to one pointer at a time.
  • Encourage your runners to pay attention to how they feel while running funky compared to running with good form.

Training Specifics:

Duration / Reps: 3-7 runs down a 50-100 meter straightaway

When: After the warm-up routine

You Need: A 50-100 meter straightaway


  • Promotes body control and specific aspects of good running form

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