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Bad Form/Good Form

A form exercise that teaches and reinforces efficient running technique

Tags: middle school, form



  1. The activity can be done standing in place or while running.
  2. Model elements of poor form and have all runners imitate you.
  3. Ask runners to identify specific problems with the form they are demonstrating.
  4. Once runners identify the problems, have the group make the necessary corrections to assume good form again.
  5. Continue modeling different aspects of good and bad form while runners imitate and provide feedback. For ideas and tips on different aspects of form to model, see the Form 101 segments.

Performance Points:

  • Make sure all athletes copy the bad form and then correct it so they feel the differences.
  • For runners whose adjustments are incorrect or incomplete, take time to help them adopt the best form.
  • Make sure your own form is good.
  • Keep it fun and unpredictable.

Training Specifics:

When: Before the main workout


  • Teaches runners to adjust and control their form for greater efficiency and performance

Other Form Videos

Form 101: Introduction

Form 101 is a five segment series that explains the fundamentals of good running form. This segment covers the importance of teaching good form and six guidelines for approaching form training.

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Form 101: Leg Movements

This segment focuses on elements of the leg movement that lengthen the running stride and increase turnover for faster running, and that promote comfortable, injury-free running.

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High Skips

A form exercise that develops powerful push-offs and greater knee lift; trains the body to use the elastic energy stored in the muscles and tendons; and develops strength, power, and endurance of the quads, hamstrings, and glutes

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