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Neck & Shoulder Warm-up

A two-part dynamic stretch for the neck muscles and shoulder muscles

Tags: high school, stretches & strength, dynamic stretches



Shoulder Warm-up:

  1. Standing tall and relaxed, rotate the shoulders in a big, smooth, circular motion.
  2. Bring the shoulders back, then up toward the ears, and then forward and down as low as possible.

Neck Warm-up:

  1. Standing tall and relaxed, drop the chin toward the chest, and gently roll the head toward one shoulder in a semicircular motion.
  2. Roll it back to the front and around to the other shoulder.

Performance Points:

  • Make big, slow, and fluid movements.
  • Relax the muscles that aren't directly involved in these stretches. For example, during the Neck Warm-up, relax the shoulder muscles.
  • Don't let the head fall too far backwards, as this can strain the neck and spinal cord.
  • Stretch the neck gently.

Training Specifics:

Duration / Reps: 10 shoulder circles in each direction and 5 neck rolls in each direction

When: During the pre-workout, warm-up routine


  • Stretches and relaxes the neck muscles and shoulder muscles

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