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Bean Bag Race

A game that combines friendly competition with high-intensity running to improve runners' speed, anaerobic endurance, agility, and power

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  1. Divide your straightaway into 3-4 segments.
  2. Have competitors line up at the start of the course.
  3. On your command, they sprint to the first marker, drop off a beanbag, and return to the start. Then they pick up another beanbag, sprint to the second marker, drop it off, and again return to the start, and so on until they complete the course.
  4. For a more intense workout, have them immediately repeat the course after dropping off all the beanbags. On the repeat run, have them pick up the beanbags from the markers and return them all to the start one at a time.
  5. When done as a relay, the first runner of each team drops the beanbags off at the markers and tags the second runner who then picks the bean bags up and returns them to the start one at a time, and so on, until all runners have gone.

Performance Points:

  • Don't throw the beanbags; bend down to place them on the ground to improve agility and anaerobic fitness.
  • Work on speed, fast starts and stops, and efficient turns.

Training Specifics:

Duration / Reps: Repeat the course 3-5 times, allowing time to rest in between

When: Ideal for engaging athletes at the end of practice

You Need:

  • A 20-40 meter straightaway
  • Cones (or other markers)
  • Beanbags


  • Improves speed and anaerobic endurance
  • Improves agility and power, which helps runners start, stop, and change direction quickly

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