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Work It

A full body warm-up and stretching routine

Tags: warm-up activities, dynamic stretches



  1. Have runners spread out an arm's length apart from each other.
  2. Guide them through a series of stretching movements.
  3. Start with gentle movements, gradually quickening the pace as you go so energy levels are high at the end.
  4. Use these exercises, repeating each one about 3 times, or make up your own movements:
    • Reach up to the sky and down to the ground.
    • Bend over and swing side to side.
    • Do the twist.
    • Jump up and down.
    • Kick your butt.
    • Wiggle & jiggle it out.

Performance Points:

  • Demonstrate each movement while you call it out.
  • Have fun with it - improvise and create your own routines.
  • Include warm-up exercises that keep your kids moving naturally without overstretching or straining.

Training Specifics:


Duration / Reps:

  • Do each exercise in the routine about 3 times.
  • Spend 2-3 minutes total on the whole "Work-It" routine.

When: At the beginning of running sessions



  • Warms-up and stretches the whole body
  • Teaches the importance of preparing the body to run
  • Focuses kids for the running session

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