We have compiled answers to the most common questions about NYRR's Running Start below:

How can I get in touch with you?

If you don't see the answer to your own question above, please feel free to email us at: arunningstart@nyrr.org.

I have an idea for a variation or improvement for an activity; what's the best way for me to share it?

Please share your ideas with us on Facebook or e-mail us at: arunningstart@nyrr.org.

Are the videos available on DVD?

Currently our video distribution is exclusively through this website.

I'd like to use one of the Running Start videos on my website; can I embed the videos?

Running Start videos may be embedded in your blog, website, or other online posts by following YouTube instructions. We ask that you also provide a link to NYRR's Running Start website (runningstart.nyrr.org) so that your  readers can see the full set of resources available.

What are the broswer requirements for viewing the content and videos from Running Start?

The website is best viewed by using one of the following browsers:

  • Internet Explorer: 7 or later
  • Firefox: 2 or later
  • Safari: 2 or later
  • Chrome: 4 or later

In addition, our video player requires Adobe Flash Player 9, version 9.0.28 or higher. Please note Apple iOS or Android devices are not required to have Flash Player installed and will automatically use a HTML5 video player instead.

I'm looking for advice about using these activities in my coaching; where can I get help?

Please use our Facebook page to engage NYRR and our community. Sign up for our monthly newsletter too.

How can I keep up-to-date on Running Start?

Join our mailing list and you'll receive a monthly update with news about the videos, tips from expert coaches, and ideas on how teachers and coaches use Running Start. In addition, you can follow us on our Facebook page.

How can I tell my colleagues and friends about Running Start?

You can easily share any page from within Running Start by using the 'Share' feature you'll find on every page. You can either email a link or post it to your favorite social networking site, e.g Facebook or Twitter.

I'm interested in setting up a youth running program; can NYRR help me?

Schools, community-based organizations, and coaches can apply to start a Mighty Milers or a Young Runners program. Qualified applicants receive all our comprehensive program resources for free.

Mighty Milers is a national easy-to-implement K-8 youth running program designed for all fitness levels. Children strive to complete one to four "marathons of miles" (26.2 to 104.8 miles) over the course of a program cycle at their school or community center. They achieve this by running or walking upwards of half a mile two to five times a week during supervised sessions. NYRR provides training, resources, and staff support, plus incentives for the children as they reach milestones toward their distance goals.

Young Runners is an after-school running program that teaches NYC youth of all fitness levels to run distances ranging from 1 to 6.2 miles. Through team practices and events, Young Runners increase their running performance while learning about perseverance, teamwork, and healthy habits for life. NYRR provides training, resources, and staff support, plus incentives for the children as they achieve personal and team goals.

In addition, NYRR organizes year-round youth events in the New York City area that include Youth Jamborees, road races, track meets, health and fitness fairs, and more. Find out more details here.

Is there a running program that connects the activities?

NYRR's Running Start resources are designed to be a flexible tool that can help support or complement an existing youth running program. It provides many activities and resources for coaches to use in a practice and P.E. teachers to use in class.

Should I show these coaching videos to my kids?

The intended audience for these videos is adults that teach youth sports rather than the athletes themselves. However, some high school athletes may benefit from watching certain segments for the visuals they provide.


I'm a Coach/Teacher/Parent; how can these resources help me?

Whatever your role in teaching children to run, NYRR's Running Start can help you to teach the fundamentals of running knowledgeably and effectively. Real world videos and lesson plans provide instruction on games, activities, and drills that improve kids' ability, speed, and endurance and prepare them to be runners for life.


What's the purpose of Running Start?

Running Start is designed to help coaches, teachers, and parents teach youth how to run safely, enjoyably, and effectively. Complementary resources also include lesson plans to teach kids about healthy eating and event planning materials to help adults stage great youth athletic events. 


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