Rising New York Road Runners FAQ

General Information

What is the name of the new program?
Rising New York Road Runners

Will the program still be free?
Yes. Rising New York Road Runners is free. NYRR will continue to support you and your staff and provide youth with free incentives to celebrate key milestones. Our resources, online curriculum, and database are free.

Why is New York Road Runners changing its youth programs?
Helping young people grow into strong, confident runners is a central part of NYRR’s mission. As demand for our many youth offerings has continued to rise, it became time to up our game and launch a single, comprehensive program that could reach more kids more effectively. Based on new advances in physical literacy research and long-term athlete development (LTAD), Rising New York Road Runners introduces an updated, research-based curriculum, customizable digital tools and resources, fee-free registration for events in the New York City area, and a new logo and design for program materials. Our new digital tools make it easier for schools nationwide to implement the free Rising New York Road Runners program and tailor it to their needs. 

Will I still receive support from a NYRR Regional or Field Coordinator?
Yes. You will be assigned a coordinator, who will support you and your staff.

Can the program be used in Adaptive Physical Education (APE) classes?
Yes. Our online activity database makes it easy to tailor lesson plans for students of all ages and abilities.

Is there still a summer program?
Applications for Rising New York Road Runners will open in May. Sites can begin tracking activity in August 2017. Thereafter, sites will be able to run the program throughout the year, including the summer. If you are in NYC and are interested in providing a running program during July 2017, please contact Martyn White at [email protected]

Will sites in the NYC area still be invited to NYRR events?
Yes. NYC-area sites that meet eligibility criteria will still be invited to events.  More details about event eligibility will be available before the program launches in August 2017.

How are Youth Running Ambassadors affected by the new program?
The Youth Running Ambassadors program will be open to Rising New York Road Runners participants, but now under the new Rising New York Road Runners name.

Can I implement Rising New York Road Runners at the time of day that best suits me and my school or organization?
Yes. You may schedule Rising New York Road Runners whenever is convenient for you and your staff.


If my school already participates in Mighty Milers, Young Runners, DTFS, or DXCS, am I automatically enrolled in the new program?
No. In the first year, all sites will be required to apply in STRIDES. 

How/when do I apply?
The application will open in STRIDES in May. Sites can begin tracking activity in August 2017. You will receive email communication when applications open.


What is physical literacy?
Physical literacy is the ability, confidence, and desire to be physically active for life.

What is long-term athlete development (LTAD)?
LTAD is a lifelong journey that begins in early childhood and continues through all phases of adulthood. It is a training, competition, and recovery pathway that guides an individual’s experience in sport and physical activity.

What exactly will my students be doing?
Elementary aged students will focus on game-based activities that help to develop their fundamental movement skills. As students move into Middle and High School they will use these fundamental skills to engage in more structured running practices, with activities as a complement to continue to build overall athletic skills. Our customizable lesson plan builder will help you plan appropriately.

Program Structure/Operating the Program

Are all NYRR youth programs changing?
No. NYRR Run for the Future and High School Cross Country Training Series will continue under those names with the same program operations. Mighty Milers, Young Runners, Developmental Track & Field Series (DTFS), and Developmental Cross Country Series (DXCS) will no longer be offered at schools and community centers. As of June 28, 2017, sites participating in these programs should sign up for Rising New York Road Runners.

Are there any parts of the current Mighty Milers, Young Runners, DTFS, and DXCS programs that are staying the same in Rising New York Road Runners?
Yes. Our program will continue to provide free ongoing training and support, tools and resources, an online database to track activities, and free rewards and incentives to sites and students. And our continued no-fee policy for youth running events in New York City means continued opportunities for your students to participate in fun events throughout the year.

What if I don’t want to change? Can I continue with the existing program?
No. Mighty Milers, Young Runners, DTFS, and DXCS programs are being discontinued as of June 28, 2017. Current program sites will remain active and have access to their current STRIDES accounts until that date. All sites will be invited to enroll in Rising New York Road Runners beginning in May. Data and rosters from current sites will roll into STRIDES for Rising New York Road Runners.

How will this program change our site participation?
For Young Runners and Mighty Milers sites, our new digital tools and resources will make it easier for you to implement the Rising New York Road Runners program and tailor it to your needs. You will have access to an online database with hundreds of activities and lesson plans for any age and ability, and you will have access to training videos, webinars, and a simplified STRIDES 3.0 to track student activities. DTFS and DXCS will be incorporated into Rising New York Road Runners events and activities, and sites will have access to all the tools and resources that Rising New York Road Runners has to offer. Your participants and site will now be eligible for the free incentives and rewards along with event invitations. Events that resemble DTFS and DXCS will become part of the Rising New York Road Runners event offerings available to all Rising New York Road Runners sites.

Will I still be able to log laps for students?
No. We will track minutes and effort. This information will be converted into mileage.

Are there any other changes planned for the future?
Yes. In 2018, Rising New York Road Runners will expand beyond schools and community centers and will open to families.


Is STRIDES changing? How?
An updated version of STRIDES will be used to track student activity. The new version of STRIDES will provide simplified data entry and focus on tracking time spent on activities rather than on miles.

Will I be able to access my current STRIDES account once the new program launches?
No. However, you will be able to access reports that contain data for the current programs, including the 2016-17 school year roster.

Will my students' names from this year be saved or will I need to enroll them in Rising New York Road Runners?
You will be able to download your 2016-17 school year roster in STRIDES. You will still need to make some updates to your roster before enrolling in the 2017-18 program.

Will teachers and support staff still be able to log their own miles in STRIDES?
No. Activity tracking in STRIDES will be for students in pre-K through grade 12 only.

More Information

Who do I contact if I have other questions?
Please contact us at [email protected] with any other questions

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