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Miles For Books

The more your kids run during the month of March, the more you earn to purchase books. The Miles for Books incentive program is back! Miles for Books provides funds for NYRR Mighty Milers sites to spend on books. The program has funded $150,000 to spend on books since 2010.
How Does It Work?
It’s simple: The more your Mighty Milers run in March, the more money your site earns to purchase books for your school. The books can go to the school’s library, a classroom library, or directly to the kids. There’s no registration this year; everyone is automatically entered. Simply enter your March miles into STRIDES and we’ll track your progress. Each site is assigned a reward level based on the total miles run, that reward level equates to a dollar amount. You’ll be notified on April 4 of the reward level achieved. 

Reward Levels

  • Level 1: $75
  • Level 2: $100
  • Level 3: $150

Earn a Bonus $25!
This year, sites that already have a First Book account, or can qualify and sign up for one through this unique link, will earn a $25 bonus to be added to their respective reward level. First Book provides brand-new, high-quality books and educational resources to schools and programs serving kids in need. Find out if you qualify here

If you don't qualify for First Book, your site will receive the reward amont as a digital Barnes & Noble gift card. 

Read the promotion rules. 

Miles for Books is made possible largely due to the generous support from the Astrof family.

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