Incentives and Rewards

Mighty Milers is all about encouragement! A variety of incentives throughout the year for students and teachers keep enthusiasm high.

Students will be proud of the rewards they earn as they run toward their marathons of miles which includes membership cards, T-shirts, water bottles, marathon medals, and more. We even have rewards for teachers, classes, and schools.

Miles for Books is our very own version of March Madness. The miles your students run during this month convert into books for your school library.

Teachers, we know you feel rewarded by helping your students get fit and focused during the school day through Mighty Milers, but we also have special ways of celebrating you and all your hard work.

Mighty Milers Site Coordinators and Session Leaders who prize their own health and fitness can run or walk alongside students and earn rewards as well. Track your miles online with your students and soon the mailman will bring special t-shirts and medals for you too!

New in 2014, we are launching a rewards program for sites that reach milestones in many different areas. In addition to getting recognition for your achievements at the end of the school year, sites can earn gift cards from major retailers like, Target, Sports Authority, and more, to support their Mighty Milers program or other school and community initiatives. Click here to learn more.

Youth and Schools