Incentives and Awards

Mighty Milers is all about encouragement! A variety of incentives throughout the year for students and teachers keep enthusiasm high.

Students will be proud of the rewards they earn as they run toward their marathons of miles. Additional incentives are available at cost if you’d like to reward your students for more milestones. Check back here for the 2012-2013 order form.

Miles for Books is our very own version of March Madness. The miles your students run during this month convert into books for your school library. Read about Miles for Books 2012 in Mighty Milers in Motion.

Kids love to run and rock out to the sounds of Mighty Music, a resource that brings upbeat music to your running sessions. Contact your Regional Coordinator to find out how to get a boom box and tunes for your program.

Teachers, we know you feel rewarded by helping your students get fit and focused during the school day through Mighty Milers, but we also have special ways of celebrating you and all your hard work.

For educators who go above and beyond and use Mighty Milers to transform the culture of their school, we have developed Children’s Fitness Champions, an annual award that recognizes the effort you devote to youth health and fitness.

Mighty Milers Site Coordinators and Session Leaders who prize their own health and fitness can run or walk alongside students and earn rewards as well. Track your miles online with your students and soon the mailman will bring special t-shirts and medals for you too!

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