Mighty Milers Resources

As the program name implies, Mighty Milers includes a mighty selection of resources! Here you will find everything you need to keep kids running and inspired, train and motivate volunteers, and even reward leaders who embrace the program and become champions for children’s fitness.


Program Reach

As Mighty Milers approached its 10 year anniversary, we focused inwardly to determine the impacts we want to have in schools.

Mighty Milers STRIDES Tutorials

Welcome to the Mighty Milers STRIDES tutorials.

Miles For Books

Earn books for your school, the Mighty Milers way!

Coaching and Games

Look here for coaching videos, activity ideas and games to enrich and enliven your running sessions.

Incentives and Rewards

Mighty Milers is all about encouragement! A variety of incentives year-round for students and teachers keep enthusiasm high.

Classroom Activities

Use your kids' enthusiasm for running to teach classroom lessons on math, science, nutrition, writing, and more.

Event Planning

Use these event planning guides and materials to organize an unforgettable day of fitness and fun.

Youth and Schools