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5. Terms of Agreement

Terms of Agreement

The Terms of Agreement (TOA) contains the requirements needed for your site to successfully implement and maintain the program.  Please read it carefully and be aware of its contents.  Here are the responsibilities each site agrees to in the TOA:

  • Identify a key person at the site/school to serve as the Site Coordinator.
  • Engage at least 20 participants in Mighty Milers
  • Start Mighty Milers and show notable progress by having students added to the online database, STRIDES, and miles documented within 60 days of the start of the school year or date your application is accepted, whichever is later.
  • Ensure that a site appointed adult figure attends every session or finds a suitable substitute when necessary.
  • Keep an accurate record of each student's progress (e.g. sessions, miles, minutes, etc.) and update development via the STRIDES database regularly.
  • Communicate with the Regional Coordinator on a regular basis and return phone calls and emails promptly.
  • Foster a safe and supportive environment where students can regularly participate in running sessions.
  • Be aware of students with medical problems, including asthma, and follow site/school policies with regard to student health, safety and privacy.
  • Carry emergency contact information for each participating child to each offsite session/event.
  • Carry the first aid kit provided by NYRR to each offsite session/event.
  • Ensure that each practice site is safe and children are properly supervised.
  • Ensure that session leaders and substitute session leaders have been satisfactorily background checked.
  • Ensure that the site has obtained consents from the appropriate individuals to put the students' information (e.g. name, birthday, progress information) into the STRIDES database.
  • Ensure that each person who is given access to the STRIDES database, including both those who are named in the application and anyone in the future who is given access, understands his/her obligation to keep information about the children confidential.
  • Communicate program outcomes and successes to students and teachers regularly throughout the year in order to motivate students and make fitness a priority within the school environment.
  • Contact NYRR for logo usage guidelines and approval before putting the program logo on any materials (e.g. t-shirts, banners, poster, etc.)

If above responsibilities are not met by the site, New York Road Runners reserves the right to withdraw program support until set criteria are met.


  • 4. Program Maintenance

    In this section you learn the basics of managing your program—from recording laps and giving out awards to reaching us.

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