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1. Getting Started

Welcome to Mighty Milers. This program guide will help you in all aspects of managing your program.  

Let's get started by figuring out your role in your Mighty Milers program.


Your Mighty Milers program includes two roles for staff and volunteers: Site Coordinators and Session Leaders.

Site Coordinators

They perform the overall administration of Mighty Milers programs.  In other words, they’re in charge. Site Coordinators are the primary contact people working with NYRR. Staff members or volunteers who assist with Mighty Milers will seek them out for guidance and help.

Session Leaders

Staff members or volunteers who assist with the running or administration of your Mighty Milers program. They can help by:

  • Supervising Mighty Milers sessions
  • Counting and recording students’ laps
  • Entering laps or miles into STRIDES, our online tracking platform.
  • Joining Teacher Tracking by running with the kids, entering mileage into STRIDES and earning incentives

Using this Program Guide

Your role and experience will determine how this program guide can help you:

New Site Coordinators

This program guide takes you through everything from selecting and preparing the physical space to using STRIDES, our online tracking platform. We suggest that you read through all five sections of this Program Guide 

Returning Site Coordinators

As a returning Site Coordinator, you will be signing up new students to your Mighty Milers program and reassigning students to their new classes. Please see the Set Up section for instructions on reassigning students to their new classes in STRIDES.

Session Leaders

For the important work that you do, please start with the Running Sessions section. Go to Program Maintenance if you are responsible for entering student mileage. When you’re ready to add a little zip to your sessions, check out Resources.  If you want to motivate kids and earn incentives for yourself, sign up for Teacher Tracking.

Your New Materials

Start-Up Kits

Mighty Milers Start-Up Kits for new sites are mailed upon enrollment.  Please look through your kit to make sure everything on this list is included. If something is missing, let your Regional Coordinator* know. 

Start-Up Kits contain:

  • Mighty Milers announcement flyers to post in your school or community
  • Oversize Mighty Milers school banner
  • Mileage Meter posters to track class or group progress within a site
  • First aid kit
  • Measuring wheel to measure your course(s)
  • Cones to mark your course
  • Sample incentive awards to inspire your students

* If you don't know your Regional Coordinator, e-mail and we will give you his or her contact information.


  • 2. Set Up

    The key to success is proper setup. Learn how to pick running courses, get staff support, recruit students, and more.

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