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A Gazillion Miles in Brooklyn

After starting their Mighty Milers program in October 2011, the runners at PS 321 in Brooklyn, NY took off! “Ten new Mighty Milers joined on May 10th alone,” reports Recess Coordinator and marathoner Nicoletta Nerangis. Today, close to 690 Mighty Milers at this elementary school have run 64,000 miles, with the average of more than three miles per week per runner. They expect to reach 85,000 miles by the end of the school year!

How do they do it? They run about half a mile every PE class; one half to two miles miles at lunch; and, then there’s Simone, who runs the entire recess hour without stopping! PS 321 gives the kids many opportunities to run during the day. There are 5 to 10 Mighty Milers Sessions per week. Nicoletta has a stop watch, and the kids love for her to time their races as they cheer each other on. In addition to running, they also skip, hop, jump rope, or bounce a ball around the track.

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