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Do you want expert coaching, along with the camaraderie and motivation that comes with group workouts? Then NYRR classes are for you! We offer a variety of fun, hands-on running and fitness classes, taught by experts in convenient Manhattan locations, to help you meet your exercise goals. Classes are four weeks to 10 weeks in duration, and all are open to NYRR members and non-members alike (members enjoy reduced fees). Advance registration is required.

Read news about Coach Bob and Coach Shelly Glover’s retirement.


NYRR Running ClassesTuesday, Thursday

NYRR Running Classes in Manhattan provide coached workouts, speed training, paced runs, and camaraderie with runners of similar abilities—from beginners to seasoned competitors. The ten-week sessions help you with running form, muscular strength, pacing, and everything else you need to run farther and faster.

NYRR Deep Water RunningMonday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Looking for a vigorous, non-impact aerobic workout? NYRR's Deep Water Running program includes speed work, interval training, and simulated hill repeats. You'll wear a flotation belt to help you run—not swim—in deep water. It's a great way to do off-road training, or to stay fit if you're injured.

NYRR Yoga for RunnersFriday, Sunday

NYRR Yoga for Runners is a program created especially for runners to help improve flexibility and athletic performance. Over time, yoga can help to prevent joint injuries and improve breath control and mental focus. Classes focus on elongating, loosening, and restorative work, while building strength, increasing range of motion, and training the body and mind. In this four-week winter session, students will learn to use yoga techniques to be more efficient and successful runners.

These sessions are open to everyone from beginners to seasoned enthusiasts who want to learn the basics, build on the skills they have, and even develop a stronger yoga practice.

NYRR Treadmill Running ClassWednesday

Group classes like NYRR's new Treadmill Running are a great way to work out consistently, have fun with friends, and meet new training partners! Our brand-new Wednesday morning and evening classes at two premier running studios in New York City, TheRUN and Mile High Run Club, are led by experienced coaches, who can help you meet your running goals.

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