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Prize Money

New York Road Runners is committed to supporting professional, elite, and local elite athletes by offering more than $900,000 in prize money annually. Below is the prize money structure for the 2016 race calendar. Athletes must meet the criteria listed to the right to be eligible.

New York Road Runners Mission


Prize Money Eligibility Rules

  • Athletes who have been suspended for doping by a governing body are not eligible to participate in, and should not apply for entry in, NYRR races. Extenuating circumstances may be reviewed by the NYRR Race Director.
  • Prize money for Open Division & NYRR Member top men/women will be determined by gun time. NYRR Member 40+ and 50+ age-graded as well as NYRR Team prize money will be determined by net time.
  • To qualify for NYRR member prize money, an individual must be a member of NYRR for at least three months prior to the race date unless otherwise noted.
  • There is no membership requirement for open prize money and bonuses.
  • Unless otherwise noted, runners with multiple means of eligibility will be awarded the highest prize money amount only.
  • New York City borough residence is determined by ZIP code. To be eligible for borough-specific prize money, a runner must update his or her address in My NYRR at the time of registration for the race. A copy of a New York driver’s license, a New York state ID card, or a current bill (within 60 days of the event) with address imprinted is required to verify borough residency before prize money will be distributed.



Time Bonuses (2016)

The following races include time and course record bonuses. NYRR Membership is not required. Time Bonus is limited to the top three finishers and Event Record Bonus is limited to the top finisher to break the existing record.

Event Men's Time Bonus* Men's Event Record** Women's Time Bonus* Women's Event Record**
Joe Kleinerman 10K 31:00 29:17 35:00 32:56
Gridiron 4M 19:30 19:12 22:15 21:21
Scotland Run 10K 31:00 29:33 35:00 33:22
Retro 4-Miler
(Men Only)
19:30 18:44 - -
France Run (8K) 24:30 23:50 29:10 28:00
Grete's Great Gallop 1:08:45 1:02:56 1:16:30 1:12:33
Ted Corbitt 15K 47:45 47:19 53:30 50:50
* $100 to top three men and women to run under these times
** $100 to top male or female winner to break event record



NYRR Team Prize Money for Men and Women (2016)

The following races include team prize money: Gridiron 4M, Airbnb Brooklyn Half, Grete's Great Gallop, and Dash to the Finish 5K.

1st $500
2nd $400
3rd $300
4th $200
5th $100
  • To qualify for NYRR team prize money, an individual must be a member of NYRR for at least three months prior to the race date.
  • All clubs with at least five declared male finishers or five declared female finishers are scored as teams.
  • A club’s finishing place in a scored race is determined by adding the finishing times of the scoring members.
  • The club with the lowest combined time is first, the club with the second-lowest combined time is second, and so on.
  • Results are official 30 days after the event.
  • Please see the Local Competitive / Running Clubs page for more details.



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