Tollefson to Make Marathon Debut in Family Way

October 03, 2013 at 5:00pm EST | by Barbara Huebner, Marathon News Service

Carrie Tollefson, a longtime member of the ING New York City broadcast team, is bringing her family along when she makes her marathon debut Sunday in the Twin Cities Marathon.

But not just to watch.

Besides Carrie, 14 members of the Tollefson clan will be competing in Twin Cities events this weekend:

  • Husband: Charlie Peterson, marathon
  • Children: Ruby, 3½, Toddler Trot, and Everett, 4 months, Diaper Dash
  • Mother and Father: John and Ginger Tollefson, TC 5K
  • Sisters: Stacey Lee, marathon, and Kammie Jackson, TC 5K
  • Nieces: Layla Rae Jackson, Half Mile; Tolle Jackson, Diana Pierce Family Mile; and Justine Lee, TC 5K
  • Nephews: Shay Jackson, Half Mile; and Jake and Joey Lee, TC 5K
  • Brother-in-law: Danny Lee, TC 5K

For Joey Lee, it will be a busy sports weekend: On Friday night he will quarterback his high school football team in its homecoming game in Dawson, and then leave with the rest of the family at about 5 a.m. Saturday for the drive to the Twin Cities.

For baby Everett, things will be a bit less hectic: at 4 months, he can’t even crawl yet. “Heavy Evey’s” official entry in the Diaper Dash will consist of tummy time in the grass.

His mother, 36, is a 2004 U.S. Olympian at 1500 meters. Tollefson was raised in Dawson, MN, about three hours west of St. Paul, where she now lives.

Asked in a telephone interview how her training was going, Tollefson laughed. “I don’t know if I’d call it training,” she said, comparing it to her regimen as a professional track athlete. “It is what it is, when you have a 4-month-old and are working full-time, but I’m enjoying it. It’s a different mentality going into a race like this. I’ve never, ever run like this before. Maybe when I was 12, when I first started running, I could look at a race and say ‘I’m really just going to run this for fun.’”

Her goal is “to just break three hours. I think I could run faster, but I’ve never run the distance, and I’ve never come back and raced this fast [so soon after] a pregnancy. So I’m just trying to have fun with this one and feel good throughout the entire race. I don’t want to be hurting so bad at the end that I never want to run one again.”

On September 8, Tollefson competed in the City of Lakes 25K in Minneapolis. According to one prediction chart, her eighth-place time of 1:41:49 converts to a 2:58:22 marathon.