Thanks for your interest in volunteering with NYRR! The following FAQs will likely answer many of the questions you’re likely to have; please review them before you report for your assignment. If you have additional questions, contact us at volunteers@nyrr.org.

Volunteer DON'Ts

  • Don't text or use your cell phone for non-race purposes
  • Don't listen to your iPod—and put down that book while you're marshaling
  • Don't poke the bear! If you encounter wildlife, do not engage.
  • Don't leave the event without first informing your marshal captain—you won't receive your volunteer credit unless your marshal captain checks you out.
  • Don't confront a runner. If you see someone doing something inappropriate, take down the runner's bib number and report the incident to your marshal captain immediately.
  • Don't call 911 unless it’s a dire emergency; our emergency medical team and staff are able to respond much more quickly, as they are already in the park. For injuries, call 1-866-705-6626; station yourself to protect the injured runner from oncoming traffic and raise your emergency card over your head.
  • Don't bring your children or pets along for your volunteer assignment; we require your full attention when you're on the course, and safety is our number-one priority
  • Don't speak on behalf of NYRR, but you may talk about your own experiences as a runner if you're approached by a member of the media

Volunteer DOs

  • Store the NYRR Medical Emergency Number in your phone: 1-866-705-6626.
  • Know who your marshal captain is, and have his or her phone number stored in your phone in case of an emergency.
  • Report any incidents to your marshal captain as soon as possible. Safety is our number-one priority.
  • Pay attention to the road: Be aware of bikers, runners, pedestrians, pedicabs, taxis, and trucks around you.
  • Watch out for people who defecate or urinate in the open. Document their race numbers.
  • Look for people racing with jogging strollers. Document their race numbers.
  • Keep an eye out for people racing on roller blades. Document their race numbers.
  • Be wary of runners using multiple D- or B-Tags; cheaters have no place in NYRR events!
  • Clap, cheer, shout, and support all runners! Feel free to bring cowbells, tambourines, and/or other non-amplified noisemakers.
  • Make sure cones and delineators are in the proper places before and after the race; your marshal captain will direct you in their proper placement.
  • Pick up any gel packs/cups/garbage left behind by runners; we need to respect the park and all its patrons by leaving the race area clean.
  • Volunteer more than once! 
  • Bring a friend, and come support your fellow runners!

How long is a volunteer shift?

A standard volunteer shift at one of our weekly races is about four hours. However, the length of each shift varies, depending on the size and distance of the race. Though we try our best to assign you to a specific task, please be advised that you may be reassigned to multiple positions as needed. Certain volunteers may be asked to arrive at the event earlier than others based on their tasks. Most volunteers arrive about 90 minutes before a race and remain until all their marshall captain indicates they can leave the event.

How do I know that I am officially signed up to volunteer at a race?

If you received a confirmation email, then you are officially signed up to volunteer for a race. Be sure to add vols@nyrr.org to your address book, and if necessary, check your spam folder for confirmation emails. If you did not receive a confirmation email, contact vols@nyrr.org. In addition to the confirmation email, you will receive an email the week of the race with detailed information on what you'll be doing at the race, and any relevant course maps and/or layouts.

What should I wear to volunteer at an NYRR event?

There is no specific dress code at our races. Our advice is to always dress for the weather. You will be provided with an orange vest, a laminated yellow card with emergency numbers on it, and a Frequently Asked Questions document.

How do I know that I’ve been properly credited with volunteering at an event?

NYRR strives to send an email thanking volunteers for their service by the Tuesday after the event has concluded, and it's a good idea to save this e-mail as proof of your volunteer service. If you do not receive a thank-you email by the end of the week, please contact vols@nyrr.org. Your member history will be updated to reflect your service early in the week following the event.

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