Here at NYRR our mission is to help and inspire people through running. Find out more about us.


Shape Up, Stay Fit

RUN to stay fit. RUN to fit into your skinny jeans.

You’re a mover and a sweater. Exercise is your Prozac, and running is a big part of your lifelong routine. When you hit the road or the treadmill, you run ’til you feel the burn and melt away your sins. You’re psyched to feel good and look good—even when you don’t break the tape.

We get you, and we can get you to the next level. NYRR offers races to challenge the weekend warrior, classes and training programs to kick your butt up a notch, and fellow runners who'll share your frustrations—and your successes. All you have to do is show up, and NYRR will keep you coming back for more.



Fly through Times Square with our 10-week United Airlines NYC Half Training Program. Check back this winter for more information on how you can run your best 13.1 with NYRR.


Before you head out for a workout or race, be sure you've got some gas in the tank! Follow these guidelines for peak performance.


When you begin to increase your mileage, you may create muscle imbalances that can lead to injuries. Often, the remedy is strength training. “Those two words strike fear in many runners, but it’s even more important than getting the right shoes...

Right now there is no race available for this runner profile.


Coaching Directory

NYRR’s coaching staff have made the Olympic Trials, set national masters records, coached teams to high school and college championships, and designed coaching programs that have helped thousands of New York City Marathon entrants and other runner...


Help protect your joints with this exclusive class designed to help meet the needs of runners' bodies during training.

A typical runner experiences too much pounding, tightening, and shortening of the muscles and not enough restorative,...

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